Summerfest 2015

Few things are as enjoyable as summer in Southern California. The fine folks in Fountain Valley want to make you feel nice and carefree with a little thing called Summerfest.

Summertime in the FV!

Summertime in the Fountain Valley!

Come on down to Mile Square Park at Brookhurst and Heil and take part in all the revelry! There are live bands, a car show, food & beverages, carnival rides, and games that challenge your skills!

Summerfest Car Show

These were the first ones to show up for the car show at Summerfest.

This year was an interesting Summerfest for me. As I was walking through the ‘Fest, I saw all the families going on rides. I conversed with several vendors in the booths. I saw familiar faces. Then I began to reminisce about all the fun times of the previous summers in Fountain Valley.  Fountain Valley truly is a nice place to live. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Summerfest 2012 Kicks Off

Summerfest 2012 Kicks Off

It’s been a whole year since the last Summerfest.  You didn’t think you could last until now could you?  Well, the wait is over.  We have rides, games and food galore!  Come out and enjoy time in the sun and ring in the summer with this trademark Fountain Valley event.  Brave the contraptions of death that pass themselves off as carnival rides.  (My favorite is the “Monkey Cages”).  Then wind down with some “Scooter” bumper cars and the merry-go-round.  Spend some time with friends, old and new. Visit the friendly folks over at the FYC booth.   Whatever you do, you’re bound to have a good time at Summerfest 2012!

Summerfest 2012 Kicks Off

Summerfest 2012 is Upon Us

Are you ready for some fantastic food and fun? Gear up for games and good times!   There’s going to be rides and a riot of a good time.  Fountain Valley’s Summerfest 2012 is upon us!  Last year at Summerfest 2011, the Gravitron and the Zipper made it exciting for the big kids.  The alligator ride and the big yellow slide was fun for the young ones.  For the guys trying to win stuffed animals for their dates…well, we had tons of game booths!

This year promises to be just as fun.  Biking around Mile Square Park, I saw them setting up all sorts of rides, like the Umbrella ride.  Everything is almost ready! Coincidentally tomorrow is your last day for presale wristbands for $15 saving you $7!

“Valid June 8, June 9, or June 10 at Fountain Valley Summerfest. Go you Recreation Center anytime between now and 5pm on June 7 to benefit from these savings while supplies last. Cost is $15 with this deal or $22 at the event. CASH ONLY!”

There will also be free music by live bands on both Friday and Saturday.  come out and listen to Meaning in Masterpiece or Tremor.  Games, rides, music…There’s something for everyone here at Fountain Valley’s Summerfest!

Hope to see you there!


Ferris Wheel Fountain Valley Summerfest

Fountain Valley Summerfest


Duck Game

Duck Hunt!

What to Do in Fountain Valley, CA

What to Do in Fountain Valley, CA

For everyone that thinks Fountain Valley is boring, this video is for you. It is a short video that is truly cheesy, yet still maintains a level of cuteness.

What can you do?
1. Archery at OC Archery
2. Bowling at Fountain Bowl
3. Fishing at Mile Square Park
4. Running, Dancing/Acting Classes and more at Fountain Valley Sports Center
5. Golf
6. Putting, Go-Carts at Boomers. Ask about their Unlimited Attractions and All-you-Can-Eat Buffet!
7. Skating at Fountain Valley Skate Center. Check out their weekly specials.

So, there is plenty to do here in Fountain Valley. Check your friendly neighborhood Fountain Valley Blog for community events like the Miss Fountain Valley Pageant, the Easter Egg Hunt, Concerts in the Park, the Tree Lighting Ceremony, and more! You’ll be in the know. All you have to do is go out and have fun!

Girls Fast Pitch Opening Night 2012

Girls Fast Pitch Opening Night
Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley. Come out to Field 6 at from 6:30 PM until 8 PM. However, I would get there early. Parking can be terrible and parents of the softball players can be quite a pain when you are fighting for a parking space. On second thought, get there at 5:30 PM.

Upcoming Fun in Fountain Valley!

Upcoming Fun in Fountain Valley!

It’s the springtime again and the world has come alive again!  The birds are chirping and the sun is shining just a little bit brighter. As we all come out of hibernation, it may take a while for us to get acclimated to the world.  However, the world keeps on turning.  So bring on the new and fun events in Fountain Valley and the surrounding area.

There was the 3rd annual Monarch Butterfly Day at Mile Square Park a few days ago. We already mentioned the Rosy Mixer that starts tonight and the Anytime Fitness 5K Run/Walk this weekend.  What else is going on?  This Friday, the Tijuana Dogs are performing over at Silky Sullivan’s on Slater.  (Don’t get too drunk.  The police station is right across the street.)

All these local events are fine and good, but there is something else.  There is one thing that has been looming over my head for a while.  To let you all know a little secret. This Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, so this weekend will be a stressful one for many a man!  I don’t really understand why guys have to buy flowers and chocolates.  Why do we have to run around trying to do romantic things for the ladies.  Ah, I know.  It’s because if we don’t, we’ll never EVER hear the end of it.  Bottom line: get crackin’ fellas!  We have to make Valentine’s Day a success.  There is a sale at Fresh and Easy for 2 dozen roses for $20.  Flowers like tulips at Costco for $9.  Costco roses are $16.  If you need them delivered, by all means get on that right now.  FTD delivers.  I personally like 1-800-Flowers/Proflowers.  They have a great delivery service.  On a budget? Need discount codes/coupons?  Email or message me.  I will send what I have/what I can find.

So you will have flowers taken care of.  Now what else? What about dinner?  There is a very, VERY pricey option of a gondola cruise.  The nearest place to get that would be in Newport.  I had called them and left a message.  I have not heard back from them.  I guess it’s a popular option.  Nick’s Pizza d’Oro is on Slater and Ward.  I have heard good things about this Fountain Valley Restaurant from my sister.  Try their pizza or pasta!  If you are trying to save cash, make your lady a nice dinner!

Why am I telling you where to go to make this Vday more flowery?  I know what all you guys have to go through.   I want to help out my fellow man! We got to stick together and help each other out, guys!  So, do you have any cool ideas?  Share them! Need some more ideas?  Let me know. I have a few aces up my sleeve and can email you.   Surprise your lady and you will have a Fun and Happy Valentine’s Weekend.

Fright Night Fountain Valley

Fright Night Fountain Valley

Halloween in Fountain Valley

Halloween in Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley is hosting family style Halloween fun with a Trunk at the Trunk or Treat Event and a movie. Scary movies make Halloween for fun!  Enjoy a free event of the Fountain Valley community.  Ghoulishly good times will be had by all on October 28, 2011. Frightful festivities begin at 5:30 PM.  Get there early for your kids to get some candy.

Then head over to watch a movie for free.  Doors open at 6:30 and the movie starts at 7:00 PM . Good wonderful family fun! Fountain Valley Mile Square Park is the location of the event at 16400 Brookhurst Street, Parking Lot next to fields B & C.  (Trunk or treating is reserved for Businesses and Organizations Only)