Fright Night Fountain Valley

Fright Night Fountain Valley

Halloween in Fountain Valley

Halloween in Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley is hosting family style Halloween fun with a Trunk at the Trunk or Treat Event and a movie. Scary movies make Halloween for fun!  Enjoy a free event of the Fountain Valley community.  Ghoulishly good times will be had by all on October 28, 2011. Frightful festivities begin at 5:30 PM.  Get there early for your kids to get some candy.

Then head over to watch a movie for free.  Doors open at 6:30 and the movie starts at 7:00 PM . Good wonderful family fun! Fountain Valley Mile Square Park is the location of the event at 16400 Brookhurst Street, Parking Lot next to fields B & C.  (Trunk or treating is reserved for Businesses and Organizations Only)


Disabled Dance at Recreation Center and Sports Park

Hello all you wonderful Fountain Valley residents,

Music Notes

Come dance to the music!

There’s a fun little event this next weekend for a group very special to me.  That event will be the annual Disabled Dance at Fountain Valley’s Recreation Center and Sports Park by Mile Square Park at 16400 Brookhurst Street, Fountain Valley.   Come out on October 28, 2011 at 7:00 PM for a fun night of dancing until 9:00 PM. Gather together your friends for a special dance for our disabled adults.  A night of fun for only $1 admission.  The entrance by the tennis courts will be the most optimal entrance.  Let’s all thank the Advisory Committee for the Disabled and sponsored by the Fountain Valley Community  Foundation for organizing and presenting this fun event in Fountain Valley.  The Recreation and Community Services has a longstanding commitment to promoting health and wellness.  Call Nora Webb, Community Services Supervisor, at 714-593-4447 for more information.

Everybody Pitch in for a Greener Fountain Valley

Everybody Pitch in for a Greener Fountain Valley

E-Waste Recycling Event in Fountain Valley

E-Waste Recycling Event in Fountain Valley

It’s easy.  It’s quick and painless.  Recycling your old junk has never been so streamlined.  For the last E-Waste recycling event in Fountain Valley this last summer, I brought over several items to Mile Square Park.  It took a about 10 minutes of my time to drive over, drop off some really old computer monitors and towers that I had piled into the car, and then be on my way.  The actual people that were helping collect the e-waste were so efficient in the process I felt like I was slowing everyone down.  They’ll even help you lift the items and place them in the correct areas.

Do your part and recycle that junk e-waste that you have in your closet or garage.  This time the e-waste event will be held at City Hall on October 22, 2011 from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. This will be FREE!  You’ll be saving the environment.  You may get extra coupons too!  Last recycling event, I got a free coupon for a game of bowling at Fountain Bowl! Co come down to City Hall at Fountain Valley Civic Center, 10200 Slater Avenue, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

By the way, you can basically bring anything you can plug into the wall’s electrical outlet except fluorescent lights, vacuums, and refrigerators.  For more information, please contact Al Green at (800) 780-0347 or e-mail

Mayor’s Breakfast at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital

Mayor’s Breakfast at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital

Come to the Mayor’s Breakfast on Thursday, October 20th at 8:00 AM until 9:00 AM.  Come and greet the

The event will be held in the Saltzer Room of Fountain Valley Regional Hospital.  You can expect there to be the time-honored Pledge of Allegiance, welcoming the Mayor, and Self Introductions.You can find the hospital at the corner of Warner and Euclid.  The address is 17100 Euclid, Fountain Valley, CA 92708.  No R.S.V.P. needed to attend and there is a small fee. I’d say it’s the cheapest breakfast you can find in Fountain Valley and you get to meet the Mayor!  I’d say if you were a small business and/or wanting to network in town, then this would be the perfect place to start.

Fall Sports in Fountain Valley

Fall Sports in Fountain Valley


The Autumn season in Fountain Valley means the resurgence of team sports long dormant.  College and high school kids are gearing up for football and volleyball. Sure, you’re going to see the Fountain Valley Barons play prep football.  That’ll be great cheering on your kid.  What about the rest of us who long for competition? Well the good people of the Action Sports Industries (ASI) and Next Level Athletic Sports (NLA Sports) have brought back the fun of sports for the rest of us!  Are you looking for a healthy outlet for your competitive energies?  Are you trying to get back in shape? Are you just looking for a place to socialize with like minded people?  Finally, we can participate in games like kickball, volleyball and bowling with other competitive, health conscious folks! Come on out and have some fun!  Sometimes they have events at the Fountain Valley Recreation Center at Mile Square Park, in Garden Grove, in Lake Forest, or at 300 Bowl in Anaheim.  Their scheduleshows times and fees.  The season starts this week!

That’s so Ramen

The Ramen Challenge

Are you craving some yummy ramen right now?  “The Ramen Challenge” is a local food event right here in Fountain Valley.  You’ll be able to dine on the trendy dish of Ramen amongst other locals!  Come out to Shin-Sen-Gumi of Brookhurst on Friday, November 25, 2011.  Yes, so if you are trying to escape the endless family drama on Thanksgiving, then come on out.  If you are tired of Turkey (..and you’ll probably be eating leftover turkey for a while…), then come on out to Shin Sen Gumi.   Bring $10.00 for the event and be there at 11:30 am.  It looks like lunch is taken care of that day!

So what is the challenge, right?  Alright, since having a bowl of ramen isn’t enough for you, you get a bowl of Famous Shin Sen Gumi Ramen for just $10, (…wait for it…) and *UNLIMITED* extra noodles!  If any guy can finish 6 bowls of noodles in 45 minutes, then they get their noodles for FREEEEEEEEEE!  Females get it easier. They only have to finish 4 bowls of noodles.  Then their noodles will be free.  The best part is that the person who eats the most noodles will get a $50 gifts certificate!

shin sen gumi ramen

As the weather gets chilly, hot soup like Shin Sen Gumi ramen will really hit the spot!

Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen is a popular local hangout spot located at 1220 reviews 18315 Brookhurst St Unit 1 Fountain Valley, CA 92708.  For more  details, please call (714) 962-8971.

Thank You for Your Support!

Hello, Fountain Valley! Thanks for coming out to the Annual Fall Festival this past weekend. The Taste of the Holy Spirit Festival in Fountain Valley was quite a success. We hoped you enjoyed the fun event and we hope to see you again next year!

A Taste of the Holy Spirit Festival

This Taste of the Holy Spirit Festival in Fountain Valley was Sweet!