Sports Authority Grand Opening

Hello all,

There’s a Sports Authority Grand Opening at the mall formerly called the Block at Orange. (I don’t care if its now called the Outlets or if it was the City Drive Mall.  It’s the Block and that’s the end of it.) Expect free giveaways, raffles, and discounts.


What to Do in Fountain Valley, CA

What to Do in Fountain Valley, CA

For everyone that thinks Fountain Valley is boring, this video is for you. It is a short video that is truly cheesy, yet still maintains a level of cuteness.

What can you do?
1. Archery at OC Archery
2. Bowling at Fountain Bowl
3. Fishing at Mile Square Park
4. Running, Dancing/Acting Classes and more at Fountain Valley Sports Center
5. Golf
6. Putting, Go-Carts at Boomers. Ask about their Unlimited Attractions and All-you-Can-Eat Buffet!
7. Skating at Fountain Valley Skate Center. Check out their weekly specials.

So, there is plenty to do here in Fountain Valley. Check your friendly neighborhood Fountain Valley Blog for community events like the Miss Fountain Valley Pageant, the Easter Egg Hunt, Concerts in the Park, the Tree Lighting Ceremony, and more! You’ll be in the know. All you have to do is go out and have fun!

Leapin’ Lizards!

It’s the leap year today. I think that on a leap year we can take the opportunity to partake in any adventure we choose.  I decided to take up my new adventure, or 2, … okay maybe 3. I already tried sailing.  Now I have mixed emotions about starting that adventure again.  However I think I will try gardening. It will calm me down and it’s productive. I’ll also give kayaking a try. I need as much exercise and physical activity as I can get. And is this summer I will run a triathlon!!!

Yes these are three very different pursuits. Yet, they are not diametrically opposed. A triathlon and kayaking will require physical endurance. After I get totally worn out after exercising I can sit in the garden and tend my crops.

Today I just planted some dill in the backyard. I think of that the dill will be very aromatic. I can’t wait to use that in some cooking and in some soups. You can try gardening as well. Just buy some bags of seeds at the 99 cent store. Bury them in your backyard & you’re done! Fun on a budget!

Next saturday I am going kayaking with some friends. I found a cheap deal on groupon To go kayaking in newport beach. Even with out the coupon, Kayaking is fairly inexpensive. Plus you get to spend the day at the ocean!  What could be better are you ask? How about the dana point whale festival? It’ll be happening that weekend as well!

You may be asking yourself why is this guy trying to tell us about triathlons? Are those expensive? Isn’t this blog about free and fun things to do? You are right. Triathlons are historically very expensive to register and run in. My solution is to not pay a single penny. I am starting my own a triathlon. It’s going to be free to join and all are welcome. I’m going to keep my own time, run my own course, and have a really fun time. I will post the course and date of the run later. Once you read as the details and you are thoroughly crazy enough, you can join if you like. Let’s make the rest of the year as fun as possible here in Fountain Valley and beyond!

Fall Sports in Fountain Valley

Fall Sports in Fountain Valley


The Autumn season in Fountain Valley means the resurgence of team sports long dormant.  College and high school kids are gearing up for football and volleyball. Sure, you’re going to see the Fountain Valley Barons play prep football.  That’ll be great cheering on your kid.  What about the rest of us who long for competition? Well the good people of the Action Sports Industries (ASI) and Next Level Athletic Sports (NLA Sports) have brought back the fun of sports for the rest of us!  Are you looking for a healthy outlet for your competitive energies?  Are you trying to get back in shape? Are you just looking for a place to socialize with like minded people?  Finally, we can participate in games like kickball, volleyball and bowling with other competitive, health conscious folks! Come on out and have some fun!  Sometimes they have events at the Fountain Valley Recreation Center at Mile Square Park, in Garden Grove, in Lake Forest, or at 300 Bowl in Anaheim.  Their scheduleshows times and fees.  The season starts this week!

International Youth Fellowship Fun Run in Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley is the location of the International Youth Fellowship’s 2011 Fun Run event held today at Mile Square Park.

IYF (International Youth Fellowship) is hosting a FREE 5K Run & Fun to support youth programs. At this community event IYF will have a cultural festival They are working to increase cultural awareness through visual and performing arts, ethnic food, traditional games, and more. IYF invites everyone to this event at Mile Square Park right here in Fountain Valley.

Faraway Lands

Faraway Lands

Sometimes I travel to distant, foreign, and strange lands to visit the landmarks and taste local foods. (I feel guilty because I should be at the Fountain Valley Summerfest). I was at my gf’s sister’s graduation party. (There’s a lt of those nowadays.) At any rate, The family definitely knows how to throw a party!  Kudos! Congrats to NTT!  Well done! You’re done with Pharmacy School.  Good job everyone for making it a great celebration.  May many blessings be upon this family.

Wine and Champagne
Helping the celebration along!
Two Candles

Decorations by the family and supplies from Michaels


Fallbrook Flora or the earth sprouting forth in celebration?

Paper Lanterns

It’s a Nice Day for a Walk

For those that know me, I have certain “go to” responses for perfunctory questions. People ask, “How are you?” And I shoot back, “Every day is a good day!”  It makes some of my clients smile. They’re in the service industry so they realize that one’s attitude can make the difference between a sale and a very disappointing day.

However, today as I left a morning service I realized something.  I’ve seen more profoundly that, yes, today not only is a good day, but it’s an awesome gift from God.  There are too many blessings in life (especially in MY life) to be moping around or sad. The sun shines every day. Today its exceptionally beautiful!



Go for a walk. Go for a jog. Enjoy the little things in life today.  In fact, you can even give back to others, the community etc from your overflow of abundance.  There is a walk/run event to raise $/awareness for the poor today at Holy Spirit Church off of Ward Street in Fountain Valley.  I saw quite a lot of people young and old giving back. It too was beautiful.

This is what I saw as I walked through their “finish line” of Concern America’s Walk Out of Poverty. Food was laid out for walkers, runners and volunteers.  People were coming together to help combat poverty. Then notice the dog refill station. What will they think of next?


So, what will you do next, Fountain Valley? Pity yourself or count your blessings. Stay inside or go out and enjoy the sun? Personally, I’d love to go to LA today for a field trip to feed the homeless.  Don’t forget the kind acts of charity. They can make a huge difference. Well I hope you enjoy life today. Be content. Be true to yourself.