The Lucky Few

USS Kirk

USS Kirk The Lucky Few

To all Service members involved in the evacuation of South Vietnam in April 1975, thank you. Those involved in “Operation Frequent Wind” did their part in what was in low estimations as reportedly an evacuation of tens of thousands of people as the Republic of South Viet Nam fell.
Expanding an event last year, “Vietnamese Americans, The Lucky Few” will pay tribute to the US and Vietnamese Navy personnel who were a part of the fleet of Navy ships during “Operation Frequent Wind” in 1975. Of all the ships involved, the USS Kirk has been receiving a bit of attention for it’s leadership in the operation from stations like NPR. Come to the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove April 21, 2012. I hope to see you on Saturday.


Tết Festival 2012

Chúc mừng bạn năm mới đầy hạnh phúc, niềm vui và phước lành! I wish you all a happy, joyous and blessed New Year!

What’s a New Year without the Tết Festival?  I don’t really know the answer to that actually.  As long as I have remembered, the Bolsa Tết Festival has been a large part of the celebration of the New Year here in Little Saigon. It’s complete with dragon/lion dances (Múa Lân), Áo Dài fashion shows, fan dances and my favorite part, a gazillion food booths! (Oh, here come the Bánh Chưng and the Chả  Giò again!)

The fun and festivities are scheduled begin this Friday January 27th at 3:00 P.M.  and lasts all the way to Sunday night at 10:00 P.M.  Pray for no rain.  We wouldn’t want the the firecrackers to get soggy!  Tickets are $5.  Discounted tickets available at $4 for kids. Bring the babies.  Kids under 4 feet are free!

Let’s thank the dedicated youth of the Union of Vietnamese Student Associations, or UVSA for putting this festival together. Now allow me to leave you with a clip of a New Year celebration from last year, the Múa Lân!

School is Starting Across Orange County

Ladies and Gents, its been a blast. Summer in Southern California has been a blast!  We’ve seen our share of festivals and food events! Now summer is ending in Fountain Valley.

Fountain Valley High School Important Dates

First Day for Teachers                                         Monday, August 30, 2010
First Day of School for Students                         Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Last Day of School                                               Friday, June 17, 2011

Parents: School is starting and your kids are going back to school. they’re going to be learning so many cool things! You’re excited for them. You’ll be so proud when they win the spelling bee or the science fair. Mostly you’ll be happy to have some peace and quiet…FINALLY! Enjoy your freedom.

Kids: You’ve been bored. Let’s face it. There is only so much you can do during the summer. We all have a limit to the beach trips and the Disney excursions. You are really looking forward to school. Don’t lie to yourselves. You know what? I actually think you’re looking forward to memorizing the periodic table and all the amino acids. If you are a little apprehensive, try to stay calm. Don’t be afraid of all these new challenges this year. You just need some extra help. Find a tutor & you’ll be fine!

Teachers: I didn’t forget about you. Teachers are always heroes in my book. Who else can stand 40+ kids running around the room and screaming? Nobody, that’s who. Hats off to you. Sorry your vacation is over. Worried about finding a way to finally make science/math/English interesting to your kids?  I feel your pain. It’s tough to make a curriculum engaging, enriching, and empowering.  You can do it.  If you need some extra, here it is.

Parents and teachers have the most important job on the planet…raising and educating the youth.  It’s an admirable, yet unenviable position.  You can not be thanked enough.  Sometimes, you feel like throwing in the towel.  Don’t.  You’re doing the best you can and you’re doing great. Parents, don’t get overwhelmed when Junior asks for help with deriving equations. Teachers, please be patient when you have to explain for the 100th time what a titration is.  Kids, be appreciative of these people in your lives.  They are here for a reason and their knowledge is beneficial.  They won’t be in your lives forever, so please take the time to listen to what they have to say.  You may just learn a little something.  That little something may have a huge and positive effect on your life.  Trust me.

Here are some resources (some that are online)

1. Tutoring: Contact Get Smart
Phone: 714.900.3455
Address: 442 N. Rancho Santiago Blvd.Orange, CA 92869,

2. A Stopwatch to Time your breaks from studying.

3. Check for plagiarism of that book report!

4. You can also check Grammar and get suggestions while checking plagiarism.

5. Hotchalks lesson plans by teachers for teachers

Have fun in school, kids.  Learn something valuable.  Parents, keep up the good work. Teachers, you rock.  Thanks!

Come Help Out the Kids in OC

“Come help out the Kids!!!” Tonight in OC!

My good buddy, WH, has such a positive outlook on life and always has an inspriational/funny quotes & phrases.  He’s also advocating making things a little better for the younger generation.  I’d like to help him out.  So even though this is not too close to Fountain Valley, I think we can make another exception here. If you’re looking for an Orange County event that is also a charity event, here you go!

Orange County Charity Event

Orange County Charity Event

The good folks at Living Room/Commonwealth OC and the OC Weekly are hosting a party called Cocktails for a Cause, After Party and Fashion Show!  For those of you fashionistas and party-goers in the world, there will be a FASHION SHOW & MUSIC by Jason Blakemore & Danny Love…along with – and celebrating the birthday of – special celebrity HOST from WU-TANG CLAN…KILLAH PRIEST! This should be enough to get people out there.  However it gets even better!  Coincidentally,Living Room OC will be donating funds to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Capo Valley! Great news for philanthropists and bleeding hearts.  If you want to party in style (and who doesn’t) go RSVP for tables at (714) 497-0663.  Good times to be had by all!

Don’t Forget to Buy Your Tickets

Don’t Forget to Buy Your Tickets to the Orange County Barbecue Bonanza for this weekend! It starts on Thursday and goes to Sunday.  I know all of you have Facebook.  If you don’t, then ask your son/daughter/hubby/wifey/sig fig/friend to open an account for you. Go “LIKE” the Facebook page of the OC BBQ Bonanza.  Once again, it is only $5 to get in to see the award-winning BBQ Teams show off their culinary skills! IT’ll be extra for all you can eat.  Go and eat to your heart’s content.  I might not see you there.  I would probably be a glutton and eat 5 plates of BBQ ribs! I don’t think the lady will be too happy if I came home 50 pounds heavier! :p

To quote one of the funniest guys in Fountain Valley…”I WANT FOOD! FOOD! GLORIOUS FOOOOOOOOOOD!!!” Have a great day!

Music Event in Fountain Valley Tonight

“Hành Trình về Đất Mẹ” is an event in Fountain Valley featuring Vietnamese Music, Traditional Dress, Vietnamese History.

Ladies in Traditional Ao Dai Dress

Ladies in Traditional Ao Dai Dress

Come and see everything from the pageantry and beautiful colors of the traditional áo dài dresses tonight at the Saigon Performing Arts Center in Fountain Valley.   The elaborate show is the work of renowned dress designer, Trần Thị Lai Hồng.  Her show has been well received in other metropolitan areas and she is happy to bring her work to Orange County where Little Saigon finds its home.  Trần Thị Lai Hồng is skilled in her silk art paintings.  Anticipate her work being modeled by the ladies proudly wearing their áo dài dresses.

Saigon Performing Arts Center

Saigon Performing Arts Center

The Saigon Performing Arts Center is located at  16149 Brookhurst Street in Fountain Valley.  Come out tonight to the Saigon Performing Arts Center around 7 PM to get seated for a wonderful night of music and culture here in Fountain Valley!

Music Center in Fountain Valley

Hello all!  Fountain Valley has a really interesting Music Event coming up this Saturday!  If anyone is free on Satuday night at 8 pm there will be a nice music event with traditional and Contemporary Vietnamese Music right here in Fountain Valley.  It will be called, “Hanh Trinh Ve Dat Me”.  Catch the Ngan Khoi Chorus performing there!  There are some “dreamy” songs like Bai Ca Sao, which my friends call a Vietnamese equivalent of the Savage Garden song “I Knew I Loved You“.  That song is by far my favorite that will be performed that night!  This music event will be held in the Saigon Performing Arts Center right next to Mile Square Park near Albersons at Brookhurst and Edinger.  You’ll catch me there!  Tickets start at $30