‘57 fun things to do in FV

‘57 fun things to do in Fountain Valley

As a nod to our city’s birth in 1957, here’s a list of 57 ideas for your family activities on 5-7-2012.

57 Things to Do in Fountain Valley1. Shop in Fountain Valley. I hear you can get tons of great deals at Costco on Newhope.
2. Get healthy, stay fit and visit the local fitness clubs where plenty of classes and activities are
offered. I prefer LA Fitness.
3. Enjoy the beauty of Mile Square Park: Catch a
fish, rent a surrey or roam the Nature Center.
Walk, jog, or bike around the park.
4. Dine out! Fountain Valley boasts more than
100 restaurants.
5. Take your children to the Easter Egg Hunt in April.
6. Go to breakfast for $2 at the Mayor’s Breakfast on the third Thursdays in the Saltzer Conference Room at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital.
7. Enjoy your FV library. Borrow not just books, but DVD’s, CD’s or magazines. Join the Friends and
buy at their used bookstore where proceeds support the library.
8. Visit Prehistoric Pets and see amazing reptiles.
9. Check out the Veteran’s Memorial next to the library. Special services are held on Veterans and Memorial Days at 10 a.m.
10. Learn about the city on its Web site at www.fountainvalley.org
11. It’s our city’s birthday in June! Attend the annual Summerfest, the city’s birthday event,
at the Fountain Valley Sports Park.
12. Attend the FV Classic Car Show, whichi is part of Summerfest.
13. Jog, walk or cycle along the Santa Ana River
14. Enjoy a neighborhood park.
15. Host a neighborhood block party.
16. Read great people stories in the Fountain Valley Living Magazine.
17. Attend the Fountain Valley Live Summer Concerts in the Park on Thursday evenings in
July at the Fountain Valley Recreation Center’s great lawn.
18. Go to the Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Expo during a Summer Concert in the Park.
19. Go to a health seminar or screening at one of the medical centers.
20. Join a volunteer club in Fountain Valley.
21. Get to know businesses via the Chamber of Commerce Web site, http://www.fvchamber.com
22. Check out Boomers! for lots of family fun.
23. Enjoy sports, plays and musical performances at one of Fountain Valley’s high schools.
24. Get involved with the Neighborhood Watch Program and National Night Out, the first Tuesday in August.
25. See a movie on a big screen in one of the city’s parks (Fridays in August).
26. Join your local civic clubs in recognizing the Students of the Month and Teacher of the Year.
27. Meet friends at The Center at Founders Village Senior and Community Center.
28. Enjoy the Heritage Park Historical Society Summer Ice Cream Social.
29. Attend the Fire Station open house in October.
30. Visit Heritage Park and the FV Historical Society. The Open House is usually the first Saturday of the month.
31. Put on your gowns and tuxedos for the Mayor’s Ball in the fall.
32. Get your tickets for the O.C. Chocolate Festival, in November. www.OCchocolatefestival.com
33. Join us at a pancake breakfast hosted by a local service club.
34. Take a class through the city’s Recreation & Community Services Department. See the Fountain Pen and sign up for a class.
35. Rollerskate at Fountain Valley Skate Center.
36. Taste local fare at the “Taste of Fountain Valley” in November.
37. See your city at work. Attend a City Council or a commission meeting.
38. Check activities at local churches and temple.
39. Plant a tree. Join community groups at designated tree-planting events. Live
40. Welcome Santa to Fountain Valley at the Annual City Tree lighting at the Recreation Center on the first Saturday night in December.
41. Gather in Heritage Park for Christmas caroling with the Historical Society at “Christmas in the Gazebo” in December.
42. Golf, anyone? Miniature golf at Boomers!, or 18 holes at Mile Square and David L. Baker golf courses.
43. Attend the Fountain Valley Living Magazine Party in February.
44. Attend luncheons and activities at the Senior Center.
45. Take your family through the “Christmas tract” open from dusk to 10 p.m. during the weeks
leading up to Christmas. The tract is northwest of Brookhurst Street and Heil Avenue.
46. Meet local legislators at the annual Chamber of Commerce Legislative Reception.
47. Sign up for the Fit to be Square 5K Walk & Run in February.
48. Go bouncing at Frogg’s Bounce House.
49. Enroll your children in a dance, gymnastics, or martial arts class at Fountain Valley academies.
50. Join an adult sports league through the Recreation Center.
51. Participate in the “Relay for Life” in May or June at Fountain Valley High School to support the American Cancer Society.
52. Attend a high school drama at FVHS or LAHS.
53. Donate toys at the annual Spark of Love Toy Drive with the Fire Department before Christmas
54. Play poker at the FV Community Foundation Poker Tournament and support a local charity or sports group.
55. Shop and get great deals at the Holiday Faire at the Library in December or at their Spring Faire.
56. Go bowling at Fountain Bowl.
57. Enjoy a game of basketball, pickleball, badminton, tennis or handball with friends at the Fountain Valley Recreation Center.

So these are 57 things to do in Fountain Valley, just to name a few! I hope you enjoy!  Let me know if you’ve done ALL 57!



Free Medical Clinic at Coastal Community Fellowship

There will be a Free Medical Clinic at the Coastal Community Fellowship church tomorrow, Saturday, April the 28th from 9am until 3pm. Coastal Community Fellowship is located at 10460 Slater Avenue, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. For more information, please call (714) 963-9708.

Office Gardening 2

Office Gardening 2

I have begun to write a spinoff blog about my latest therapeutic endeavor, Office Gardening! With the name Garden O’Plenty, it tips its hat to the memory of the renowned Patron Saint of Ireland whom we celebrate this month. Finding a Personal Private Place (PPP) is truly important especially when you find yourself stressed out with work, home life, traffic and the issues we face on a day-to-day basis. Who knew gardening could be so inexpensive and therapeutic. Dare I say, I actually am having fun at work on my lunchtime! I also get to grow food that hopefully will be extra tasty and without pesticides! Dear Gracious, I am going organic! Oh well, eating vegetables is a healthy endeavor. Visit http://gardenoplenty.wordpress.com for more information. In the meantime, enjoy some photos of the beginnings of Garden O’ Plenty!

Office Gardening Seeds

Office Gardening Seeds Galore!

Flower in my Office Garden

Upon a suggestion I added a "flower" to my Office Garden

Office Gardening Pea Sprout

The Peas are growing. We just need the carrots!

Sprouts Galore

My Office Garden now has Sprouts Galore!

Leapin’ Lizards!

It’s the leap year today. I think that on a leap year we can take the opportunity to partake in any adventure we choose.  I decided to take up my new adventure, or 2, … okay maybe 3. I already tried sailing.  Now I have mixed emotions about starting that adventure again.  However I think I will try gardening. It will calm me down and it’s productive. I’ll also give kayaking a try. I need as much exercise and physical activity as I can get. And is this summer I will run a triathlon!!!

Yes these are three very different pursuits. Yet, they are not diametrically opposed. A triathlon and kayaking will require physical endurance. After I get totally worn out after exercising I can sit in the garden and tend my crops.

Today I just planted some dill in the backyard. I think of that the dill will be very aromatic. I can’t wait to use that in some cooking and in some soups. You can try gardening as well. Just buy some bags of seeds at the 99 cent store. Bury them in your backyard & you’re done! Fun on a budget!

Next saturday I am going kayaking with some friends. I found a cheap deal on groupon To go kayaking in newport beach. Even with out the coupon, Kayaking is fairly inexpensive. Plus you get to spend the day at the ocean!  What could be better are you ask? How about the dana point whale festival? It’ll be happening that weekend as well!

You may be asking yourself why is this guy trying to tell us about triathlons? Are those expensive? Isn’t this blog about free and fun things to do? You are right. Triathlons are historically very expensive to register and run in. My solution is to not pay a single penny. I am starting my own a triathlon. It’s going to be free to join and all are welcome. I’m going to keep my own time, run my own course, and have a really fun time. I will post the course and date of the run later. Once you read as the details and you are thoroughly crazy enough, you can join if you like. Let’s make the rest of the year as fun as possible here in Fountain Valley and beyond!

Anytime Fitness 5K Fun Run/Walk

at Recreation Center & Sports Park
Starts on February 11, 2012 at 7:00AM
Ends on February 11, 2012 at 9:30AM

The Fountain Valley Community Foundation is at it again!  Get ready for the Anytime Fitness 5K Fun Run/Walk organized and presented by the Foundation in partnership with the Fountain Valley Recreation and Community Services Division.  It will be held this next weekend on Saturday, February 11th. The Anytime Fitness 5K Fun Run event is scheduled not a moment too soon!  Just as you were looking to throw off the guilt of NOT fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions to keep healthy, here comes the Anytime Fitness 5K Fun Run/Walk!  It’s a great way to exercise and meet new people!

Tie up your laces on your favorite sneakers. Throw on your comfortable running gear. Then go grab your friends and head to the Fountain Valley Sports Park at Mile Square Park.  Leave your sedentary life behind you as you jog through our picturesque park.  If your friends can’t keep up, then leave them in the dust.  They’re just holding you back anyway.

A friend shared an interesting video with me. I hope you will allow me to share it with you.

It’s just that easy. A little bit of exercise and you will be healthier and live longer. Your health should be a great motivator for you to get out and get running.  However, you may want to consider registering just to support your favorite charity.  The runner can choose a local Fountain Valley non-profit to get 100% of the registration fee. It’ll be your choice!


Free Health Fair!

Get Healthy! Knowledge is power!  There is a Fountain Valley Community Health Fair  this Saturday, January 28th 2012.  It will be located at HealthCare Partners’ Fountain Valley branch at 9930 Talbert Avenue, Fountain Valley, CA 92708.  Come out to the Community Health Fair put on by the HealthCare Partners. Come out for an informative question-and-answer session on Medicare this Saturday, between 10am and 1pm.  It’s only from 10am to 1pm, so schedule some time to go or take your elder parents to get all your questions answered.  For further information, please call the Patient Support Center at 800.403.4160.

Health Fair

Health Fair

Staying Active in the New Year

Staying Active in the New Year

So another year begins and I have begun in earnest to stay healthy and active.  Running around Mile Square Park is quite the “in” thing to do! I see so many people running every day!  It’s like a party on sneakers!  I think I have already confessed to being jealous of the people that have so much time on their hands that they can regularly run in circles around a golf course.  If I have not, well, please forgive me.  I confess to it now.
Keeping Active in Fountain Valley!
There is so much more to do than just running.  Plenty of folks bike or rollerblade around the parks and neighborhoods.   We did mention a health club or two in Fountain Valley recently.  I don’t think it is worth it to pay $30 a month for a membership at an LA Fitness health club.  Even buying that $320 deal for 24 Fitness at Costco is quite pricey.  Run and bike for free, says I.  Furthermore, I love the outdoors.  I love staying out all day playing sports and forgetting about the time!  I love getting a dark farmers tan that won’t go away! Well, maybe not that last part.
I have found some more information for you and/or your family to stay active in Fountain Valley.  Play some kickball, some little league or softball! For more info, contact the friendly people at Fountain Valley Little League, FVLL. (Saturday the 28th of January is the last chance to sign up for the Spring!) Contact the folks at Fountain Valley Girls Fast Pitch with the ASA.
Fountain Valley Baseball Little league
Fountain Valley Baseball Little league

Fountain Valley Softball league

Fountain Valley Softball league