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Artsy Craftsy.  Artsy Fartsy…The birthday for BT, my lady friend, is coming up and I had decided to do something more unique than roses and chocolates.  My lady likes art and has appreciated my previous attempts to create homemade gifts.  Hopefully she doesn’t check my blog, because I just have to share with everyone.  (She barely checks her own blog so I think I am safe) …I saw a Wine Bottle Lamp on Pinterest that I had to try to make.   BT and I enjoy wine on occasion and I saved a bottle as a souvenir of a Santa Barbara trip.  (Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out too well and I had to get a replacement bottle. Sigh…) It’s a pretty easy project that you can do with your family if you want.  Well, here is my finished product that I created last night!

Wine Bottle Lamp

All you will need are the following:

– wine bottle (cleaned)
– 1/2 inch diamond head drill bit
– power drill
– clay
– water
– string of lights (25-50 lights on a string will do nicely)
– cord switch
– screwdriver
– wire cutter
– wire hanger

Arts and Crafts Tools

Hopefully you will have all these lying around your house.  Most of the other items you can get at your local hardware  store.  Home Depot is my favorite store now.  Unfortunately, Christmas lights are scarce in June, so you may want to go to a craft store.  I found a string of lights in the wedding section of Joann’s, but only after going to 4 different stores! (By the way…there are 50% off coupons for Joann’s.  I’m just saying.)

So I think it is pretty straightforward:

1. Wear your safety goggles and gloves.
2. Drill a hole in the bottle.
Lay your bottle on your work table. secure it with wood, styrofoam, your hand. or whatever you have to prevent it from rolling.
You may want to drill in the back near the bottom of the lamp. Make a clay ring around where you are going to drill. Pour a tiny bit of water into the clay ring. This water will maintain your drill bit so that it doesn’t get too hot. It also captures flying glass dust.I also found it helps to fill the bottle with water and cap it before you drill.
3. Drill slowly until the bit goes all the way through the glass. The water and bit should go through the bottle. At that point try to stop the drill as soon as you can. I didn’t and I cracked the glass of the bottle.
4. Get rid of the glass dust and shards. Rinse out the bottle. Sand the hole you made in the bottle. Sweep the floor. Easy so far right?
5. Lights go in the hole. Thread the lights through the hole you just made in your bottle. use a wire hanger to help you pull it through the top spout on the bottle. Then you might want to try to use the hanger to position the lights in the bottle however you want.
6. You could stop right here, but I think the lamp would benefit from a light switch. Use the directions on the cord switch. It’s easy. Unscrew the switch to open it. Cut one of the wires in the cord. Place them into the switch making sure the prongs in the switch make contact with the metal in the wires. Then screw it back together.
7. Flip on your lamp and enjoy!

A few words of caution and advice here:
If you are unsure of scared of working with electricity, talk to your friendly neighborhood hardware store folks. They’ll steer you in the right direction. You may want to use 25-50 lights on a string.  I used 100 and the lamp was heating up quite a bit after 30 minutes.  Try to use a string of lights that go in parallel rather than in series.  It will be easier if one of the lights go out.  If you don’t know.  The parallel circuits have three cords going into each light.  =This makes it ahrder to thread but it is better int he long run.  Try and avoid the strings with an outlet at the end of your cord.  You’ll have to cut that off and seal it.  It’s another step that you can avoid.

Try it yourself!  Make them as gifts.  I am making them for holiday giveaways this year.  I enjoyed it and I hope you do too!


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