Fountain Valley Fashion

Fountain Valley Fashion Show

Fountain Valley Fashion Show

The first weekend of June brings a pleasant event to the all who love fashion and food! There will be a Fashion Show held in Doyle Hall at Fountain Valley’s Holy Spirit Catholic Church. The official name of the event will be Let’s Go On Vacation Luncheon and Fashion Show.  The event is sponsored by Stein Mart and starts at 11:30and lasts until about 2:30 PM.  Come a little earlier for a better seat.  There are door prizes, so you may be one of your lucky winners! Tickets are $25.  We hope to see you there!

Update: This was a nice cozy event with plentiful food and friendly people. Although I arrived a *tad* bit late, I was still greeted like I was a regular. Actually I knew several people there. The beverages were modestly priced even though it was a fundraiser. A few buckaroos for a glass of vino is just fine by me! Cabernet sauvignon please! The event was decorated in a fun way. With a name like “Let’s Go on a Vacation!”, you can imagine how every table had images of destination travel spots. They even had picture holders made of wine corks! Good job to all those who put on this wonderful Fountain Valley event! Congratulations to all the raffle winners! We hope to see you all again next year!


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