About a half an hour away from our good city of Fountain Valley is where I toil all day long.  What is awesome is that I am on a computer all day long so I am able to communicate with you fine people! However, on days like today I await semi-patiently for the 5 o’clock bell to sound so that I can go Yabba Dabba Doo home!

Today is a sad but special day.  It is the last day of my coworker, LC.  She is going off to wonderful new opportunities.  We will head to TGIF’s for some amazing Happy Hour festivities.  Adios, LC! We wish you well.  (Little does she know we got the office to sign a basketball in lieu of a Goodbye card.  It’s an LA Clippers basketball because she is the most ardent Clippers basketball fan that you will find in any of the 50 States.)

So I got to pondering as we were looking for the best areas to have a Happy Hour, where are the best places to celebrate after work with fellow coworkers?  TGIF’s is a solid choice with margarita specials.  Islands has free tortilla chips.  BJ’s Anaheim Grill has a pleasant atmosphere and an outdoor fireplace.  Some of the best times I have had was at wine establishments.

The Wine Club in Santa Ana is my favorite.  There are good wines, knowledgeable people, and helpful staff. My colleague also recommended The Cheese Cave.  The Cheese Cave in Claremont is a specialty store that focuses on cheese but has a wide selection of wines to pair with their “fromage”.  (I never was really good at French.)

Wherever you decide to go to start your weekend, I hope you enjoy.  Be safe and have fun!


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  1. I love the Cheese Cave, I suggest trying the Coffee Cheese, weird sounding but really quite unique and tasty!

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