¡Cinco de Mayo Especial!

Today is May 5th, Cinco de Mayo. It is a particularly awesome Cinco de Mayo! It’s on a Saturday!  I know all of you are taking this opportunity to celebrate your hearts out. Some people from Faraway Lands may try to drink wine today to celebrate, but I don’t always understand them. Now I’m not Mexican so I cannot be the authority on this. However, you should drink Tequila on Cinco de Mayo, not wine! I’m just saying BT & TT…!
At any rate, I’ve wondered about the origins of the holiday and  why it’s celebrated here in the US at all. To understand this, I started by consulting with my coworker, M Diazleal, who is far wiser on these topics. Yes, I included his surname to give him more credibility! Apparently, I was a day of a fairly significant miltary battle in which the Mexicans defeated the French and thus turned the tide of the war! As great as that is, Mexicans celebrate in mid-September to commemorate the independence, not Cinco de Mayo.
Why then do we celebrate here in the US? First of all we want to sell bottles of tequila. Secondly, we can’t celebrate in September. It’s too close to Labor Day. Lastly, with the French defeated, the Confederacy couldn’t get the support they needed from the French during the US Civil War. The Union was saved.
So with that, I am thoroughly feeling justified about my tequila purchase at my local Fountain Valley Costco. Margarita time? Quite possibly. Stay thirsty, friends!


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