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Ahoy Cap’n!

Half Off Starbucks CoffeeThar be a pleasant news from the Scallywags at StARRRbucks!  I don’t know why I am speaking Pirate.  Talk Like a Pirate Day is in September! At any rate, there is Happy Hour at Starbucks of all places!  No we aren’t talking about the wine and “adult” beverages that they supposedly are selling.  We are talking about good ol’ Frappucinos!  Now I am a frugal man, but I have a weakness for the cold, heavenly elixir which is the Caramel Frappucino! We sent an office mate or two to grab the group some cold ones!  Yes! Happy Hour starts early today!

I just spoek to our friendly neighborhood Starbucks barista the other day and the line will probably be out the door.  Be prepared to wait a little longer in line.  That being said I may see you at Starbucks!  Brookhurst and Edinger or Newhope and Talbert.  Enjoy!

By the way…I got mine! In for one! image


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