Saint Patrick’s Day 2012

Ah here we go as we come into another edition of Saint Patrick’s Day. A day to commemorate the man who got rid of all the snakes from the island…a day to celebrate the clover-totin’ man who converted the people of Ireland. As I ponder the clover and it’s symbolism of the Trinity, I wonder why people focus on the most peculiar things.

Most people that celebrate St Patrick’s Day wear green and try to pinch friends and certain members of the opposite gender. Other people use it as an excuse to go drinking.

So what’s wrong with this? Nothing is really wrong with that. You’ll just miss out on the true story of the Saint. He was a Roman-Briton that was kidnapped by slavers when he was a teenager. He then was brought to Ireland where his task was tending to sheep. After escaping and returning to his family in Britain, he studied to be a priest. He returned to the the land of his captors, not for revenge, rather to convert hearts. He converted thousands, whole kingdoms. His mission to Ireland has become legendary. Before I go any further, I must admit, I cannot fathom the amount of love that Sta Patrick had for Ireland. If anyone enslaved me, I would have only hatred in my heart.! I would have never* lifted a finger to help them. Saint Patrick goes on a mission to save the souls of the country of his captors. If only more people had a heart of forgiveness like that. If only I had a heart of forgiveness like that.

So, if you go celebrate Saint Patrick’s day at a bar or if you go to a party wearing green, please take a moment and ponder why this Saint has been loved so much. What can we learn from the man that we are celebrating this month?


*never say never


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