Countdown to Easter

The Easter Bunny* is coming soon. So, do you know what that means? Yes, Lent is here again! No borrowing or usury is involved. It’s Lent, not lending. Lent is the Season of approximately six weeks that many Christians use to prepare themselves heart and soul for Easter, the commemoration of the Resurrection of Christ.
Consider yourself going out into the the desert for 40 days and 40 nights to fast.** You deprive yourself of earthly things in order to atone for your sins and to get a glimpse of the suffering that Christ went through for our sins.
I feel like I am taking an easy way out of this Lenten fast. I am giving up soda, coffee and alcohol. I thought about it and I couldn’t give up anything else beyond that. Weak sauce? I probably am.  My sister and friend both gave up eating meat for the whole season of Lent.  I tried giving up Facebook for Lent last year. That didn’t last the whole 40 days. Do I think that I will be a better person, after denying myself my three favorite beverages for 40 days? Maybe. I hopefully will be less likely to let my vices get the best of me. I will be less jumpy/impulsive with the decrease in caffeine intake. I look forward to being healthier with cutting out the sugar filled water. Less calories will be good for me. Next year I may even want to do some community service during Lent, to give up some of my time to help others. Maybe I will do that this year as well. Anyone know any soup kitchens that need a helping hand?



*No, kids, there is no Easter Bunny
**No it is not exactly 6 weeks. I said approximately.


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