Upcoming Fun in Fountain Valley!

Upcoming Fun in Fountain Valley!

It’s the springtime again and the world has come alive again!  The birds are chirping and the sun is shining just a little bit brighter. As we all come out of hibernation, it may take a while for us to get acclimated to the world.  However, the world keeps on turning.  So bring on the new and fun events in Fountain Valley and the surrounding area.

There was the 3rd annual Monarch Butterfly Day at Mile Square Park a few days ago. We already mentioned the Rosy Mixer that starts tonight and the Anytime Fitness 5K Run/Walk this weekend.  What else is going on?  This Friday, the Tijuana Dogs are performing over at Silky Sullivan’s on Slater.  (Don’t get too drunk.  The police station is right across the street.)

All these local events are fine and good, but there is something else.  There is one thing that has been looming over my head for a while.  To let you all know a little secret. This Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, so this weekend will be a stressful one for many a man!  I don’t really understand why guys have to buy flowers and chocolates.  Why do we have to run around trying to do romantic things for the ladies.  Ah, I know.  It’s because if we don’t, we’ll never EVER hear the end of it.  Bottom line: get crackin’ fellas!  We have to make Valentine’s Day a success.  There is a sale at Fresh and Easy for 2 dozen roses for $20.  Flowers like tulips at Costco for $9.  Costco roses are $16.  If you need them delivered, by all means get on that right now.  FTD delivers.  I personally like 1-800-Flowers/Proflowers.  They have a great delivery service.  On a budget? Need discount codes/coupons?  Email or message me.  I will send what I have/what I can find.

So you will have flowers taken care of.  Now what else? What about dinner?  There is a very, VERY pricey option of a gondola cruise.  The nearest place to get that would be in Newport.  I had called them and left a message.  I have not heard back from them.  I guess it’s a popular option.  Nick’s Pizza d’Oro is on Slater and Ward.  I have heard good things about this Fountain Valley Restaurant from my sister.  Try their pizza or pasta!  If you are trying to save cash, make your lady a nice dinner!

Why am I telling you where to go to make this Vday more flowery?  I know what all you guys have to go through.   I want to help out my fellow man! We got to stick together and help each other out, guys!  So, do you have any cool ideas?  Share them! Need some more ideas?  Let me know. I have a few aces up my sleeve and can email you.   Surprise your lady and you will have a Fun and Happy Valentine’s Weekend.


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