Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

Dear Fountain Valley,

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! Wishing you a New Year filled with happiness and prosperity!

I am sooooo full!  I have eaten more than I should have and it’s ok!  It’s New Year’s!  Tet, or Lunar New Year, is today!  This begins a three day party where you eat, gamble, drink and do everything that you’ve been forbidden to do by your strict Asian parents.  This is the holiday to end all holidays!  It’s Christmas, New Year’s and your birthday all in one!  You get little red envelopes with cash in them.  This holiday marks a new beginning.  Everyone is really nice to you and wish you all sorts of good fortune!  On Tet, Asians celebrate their birthdays all together, not on their actual birthdays.

So after my second Tet party, I am thoroughly tired and sleepy.  I have more red envelopes than I know what to do with.  I’ve eaten enough for the whole week.  Although I love them, if I never see a Banh Tet or Banh Chung for another year, I will be fine! I have sung the drunk Vietnamese New Year’s Song to my heart’s content.  Ah…what a good way to ring in the New Year.  I don’t know how I will survive the next few days!

Wish me luck!

As a gift, I send you this song! Yes, it is the very same drunken Vietnamese New Year’s song! Enjoy!


…aaaaand just like that I caved.  Right after writing that I would not under any circumstances eat another Banh Chung for at least until next year, my mom offered me some of that same traditional Vietnamese dish! I could not say no!!! Willpower, where are you!?  Ah, who can say no to home cooked food at mom’s? Not I, says the overstuffed New Year’s celebrant.


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