New Year’s Resolutions

So what have you given up on? What are you trying to improve? What have you given up on giving up on? I think we’re all wanting to improve our lives. We want to be healthier/skinnier/more muscular.  We want to explore new things/places/hobbies. We want to be more punctual/more spontaneous/more responsible etc. But how can you keep it up for 12 whole months? Well, here’s some help right here in Fountain Valley or very close by. 
Are you looking to shed some pounds? Get bigger biceps? Try LA Fitness on Talbert and Brookhurst. Membership is affordable and they have a pool! If you are trying to save every dollar even while maintaining a good BMI then jog around Mile Square Park (MSP). Go with friends or go by yourself. Hey, you can even jog with me!  Just go at your own pace. Let’s get healthy together. Let me share a video soon about exercising. You’ll love it!
Are you looking to conquer your fear of public speaking? There are classes available and there’s a nearby Toastmasters club that meet’s regularly nearby.
Want to give back to the community? There’s the Rotary Club. Want to be more musical? Throwdown Thursdays are still in effect! Try singing at a church choir. There’s two or three right in Fountain Valley by MSP. Try singing at Elvis?!  (Yes the punctuation is correct.) Want to meet new people? There’s a networking group that meets often in our area.  Want to learn a new language? Visit your Fountain Valley Public Library.
Whatever your New Year’s Resolutions, I hope you keep them and improve your life. If you have resolutions that you need help with then let me know. I’ll try to point you in the right direction. Let’s build better lives and a better community here in Fountain Valley by improving ourselves!

Make every day count!


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One Response to New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Shawn says:

    I have long long times didn’t have sport, for my body and heath ..i think i should have some action~ wish~i can continue over one month ~:D

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