Still Have Candy?

Sorry for the delay in posting, everyone!  There have been some great developments that I wish to share with you soon!  However, I am “sworn to secrecy” (or something closely resembling secrecy) until an appointed time. Without much further ado…

Fountain Valley was once again in high “spirits” for Halloween!  Haha…get it…Spirits…eh. There happens to be one particular neighborhood that goes all out every Halloween!  I thoroughly enjoyed looking at this year’s fairy tale themed Halloween decorations in Fountain Valley as well as last year’s Star Wars themed Halloween decorations.

The main thing about Halloween that I love is the candy!  Candy is sweet and tasty and all kids love to eat it.  The bad thing is that they have been eating all of the candy since last Monday and you’re seriously concerned for their teeth.  As nice as my favorite Fountain Valley Dentist is ,  your kid really does not want to show a cavity to  Dr. Rosy.  She is the OC Roller Girls’ Rosy the Extractor”!

For all you concerned parents (and those wanting to save cash) take your kids’ candy to for a buyback…go to the Candy Buyback Program!  Do the right thing and limit your kids’ sugar/candy intake and at the same time help the troops overseas.  Give them your (uneaten) Halloween candy and dentist Dr. Ken Yabuki will send the troops your candy!  Keep our troops on a sugar high!  They need as much energy running around the desert with 50-60 pounds of gear. In return you will receive a special feeling of personal growth as you helped out another worthy cause.  The goodwill and good feelings you start today will permeate the community we will create our utopia on earth! 

OK, we won’t bring about world peace with this but you can get Dr. Ken Yabuki  to buy back candy for $1 per pound.  The care package production process will then start and those packages will be sent overseas. Yabuki will be accepting candy until Nov. 8. His office is at 18800 Main St., Suite 210. in Huntington Beach, CA. The office is open from 8-5. Today is the last day to take advantage of this program.  Come on over and say hello to Dr. Ken.  Call (714) 847-7733 for more details.


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