Doing What You Can…Charity Fundraiser

What do you say to the person who is held down and exploited?  What do you do when your neighbor is oppressed?  What do you say when your brother or sister is voiceless?

Hello, good people of Fountain Valley.  Here is your fair warning.  If you shy away from politics or if you stay away from controversial topics, please change the channel.  Close this window.  Don’t read this post.  Come back later.  My feelings will not be hurt.

I may lose some of my audience, but that is ok.  This issue is important to me and I need to talk about this.  Today, I will be the voice for people who have no voice.  I am talking about Human Trafficking.  Every year thousands of men, women and children are brought into the US against their will for sexual servitude and for forced labor.  These are school age children and adults.  Yes, this happens in every state of the Union.  This is the best country in the world to live, yet even here freedom is stolen from people continually.  This hits extremely close to home in Southern California as well.

This rips up my heart because I enjoy a relatively easy life while my brothers and sisters are being bought, sold, and forced into unspeakable and degrading living conditions.  I donate time and money…but who will tell their story?  Who will advocate those without hope?

Are my words sufficient? No, I cannot begin to understand and convey what they have to go through.  No, I would be a fool to think that I alone can stop this machine that institutionalizes the dehumanization of my neighbors.  However, I would be guilty if I did not try to do something.  The problem is huge, ladies and gentlemen, and  something must be done. I pray that you will help me do what needs to be done.  I challenge you to do what you can to help me right this wrong.

I hope that the good people of Orange County will find it in their hearts to reach out to the less fortunate.  Here are a few things.  If you can do only one thing, then please read about the issue.  Please learn about the plight of people forced into slave labor.  Become educated on the issue so you can make an informed decision on what  you can do.  Don’t turn a blind eye.  Then, then please use your time telling friends, neighbors and elected officials about the issue. Try coming up with a solution that will in some way help stop human trafficking from occurring.  If you can only offer a little time, then please try volunteering, try writing a letter, or try attending fundraisers.  Whatever you can do to help will be appreciated.  Think outside the box as well.  You might have a talent in music and singing.  Write a song and post it on Youtube.  You may be able to reach more people that way. If you are too busy and/or can only send money, that’s fine.  Don’t send any money to me.  Research an organization that will use your donations to the cause and use it wisely to end human trafficking.

…And if all you can do is say a prayer, then please do that too.  Please, do anything to help.

Children of the Night

Stop Human Trafficking

Please let your conscience help you here.  Do whatever you can to help.  Have a nice day.


The US Dept of Education
Human Trafficking of Children in the United States
Human Trafficking is a problem for all 50 states

Human Trafficking
approximately 17,500 individuals are brought into the US against their will as victims of human trafficking
Sponsored by Mount Sinai Emergency Medical Department, American Osler Society, AMSA, & Brown Medical School

Children of the Night

Cupcake Camp (Cupcakes for a Cause)

Sometimes my church has fundraisers:
Our Lady of La Vang Parish

288 South Harbor Blvd.
Santa Ana, CA 92704

A quick Google search for “The truth about human trafficking” brings up articles such as these”


Fundraising Event:

Cupcake Camp OC Sunday, Sep 11, 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Atrium Hotel At Orange County Airport
18700 MacArthur Blvd
Irvine, CA 92612 ( Let’s thank the Atrium hotel for generously offering a location for this benefit)

Cupcake Camp OC

Sweet way to start the day. A reward for helping others



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