Don’t Forget to Buy Your Tickets

Don’t Forget to Buy Your Tickets to the Orange County Barbecue Bonanza for this weekend! It starts on Thursday and goes to Sunday.  I know all of you have Facebook.  If you don’t, then ask your son/daughter/hubby/wifey/sig fig/friend to open an account for you. Go “LIKE” the Facebook page of the OC BBQ Bonanza.  Once again, it is only $5 to get in to see the award-winning BBQ Teams show off their culinary skills! IT’ll be extra for all you can eat.  Go and eat to your heart’s content.  I might not see you there.  I would probably be a glutton and eat 5 plates of BBQ ribs! I don’t think the lady will be too happy if I came home 50 pounds heavier! :p

To quote one of the funniest guys in Fountain Valley…”I WANT FOOD! FOOD! GLORIOUS FOOOOOOOOOOD!!!” Have a great day!


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