Running at Mile Square Park

Running at Mile Square Park

Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley, or MSP as my friends call it, is like a long lost friend. I’ve known it forever. Even though I had lost touch I knew it would always be there for me when I needed it. Now I need it.

I have been increasingly health conscious in the last few years.  Within the last 6 months I have really challenged myself to get back in shape. I think a contributing factor was going to a pool party and having to sit around and watch people that were steroid popping meatheads! I jest (partially). In all seriousness, however, high blood pressure, diabetes and all is prevalent in my community and in my family.  My brother just had a scare with a heart attack, so I took inventory of my own health.  If I wanna live long and be there for my own family, then I have to really start taking care of myself.  My health is a priority. I started running.  Surprisingly, for someone that loves sports, running was extremely hard at first.  I was gasping for air!  I’ve slowly and steadily increased distance and endurance. I’m feeling great and a lot healthier. In fact, I’m down 20 lbs since February! Yeah, I’m fairly proud of myself. 

A few tips for summer running, run at twilight.  You’ll keep cooler.  You don’t have to worry too much about getting a runner’s tan, you don’t have to mess with sunscreen, and there’s no worrying about skin cancer.   You do have to watch out for the sprinklers though.  Aaaaaand just a word of caution, you might want to jog with a partner.  There is strength in numbers.  I may follow-up with all the tips I learned from my running buddies as well.

Mile Square Park

Mile Square Park, my home away from home

Thanks DQ, JN, ML, & MC for motivating me with the half marathon signup…I may even consider the tri sprint!  Maybe! Thanks to CLW, JD, ATD, DQ, BaMa and even my nephew DD for braving the arduous exercise of parts/all of Mile Square Park. 

So, ladies and gentlemen of Fountain Valley, stay healthy and strong! Get off the couch!  Run for your health!  You can even set an example for your friends/relatives/kids that need some motivation to get in shape. Actually, almost ANY exercise will do.  I see people jump rope and/or bike at Mile Square Park as well!  It’s a lot cheaper than getting a gym membership because it’s free!  Go visit that old friend, MSP. You’ll have a great time!


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