Little bugger

Nature Walk in Fountain Valley

I have picked up the habit of taking pictures of everything. When I mean everything, I mean everything.  I think it is because the gf got me a brand new shiny camera! Yeah!  Unfortunately, I cannot lug the DSLR out everywhere I go, especially on my way to work. 

I was taking pictures with my camera phone of the plumeria bush by my garage in Fountain Valley…and guess what I found!

plumeria and spider

What a lovely bunch of flowers...but wait...

plumeria and spider

It's the itsy bitsy spider

Just so that you all know, I love spiders.  While others try to kill them, I try to Iet them out of the house so that they can live.  Call me weird, but we had a pet black widow in college.  (yes, I am told I am crazy.)  My favorite find was a huge tarantula spider that was sneaking in the movie theater…without a ticket! Geez!  Well, I knew the security guards were busy so I took it upon myself to escort the spider to the parking lot trees. 

Spiders remind me of the comic book hero that ruins the lives of the Hob Goblin, the Green Goblin, the Sandman etc.  Spidey sense was something I always wanted, but i never wanted to get bitten.

Spidey VS Sandman with Cheeks by spiderguile

Hopefully the little bugger will still be there when I get back home.  I’ll break out my Nikon D3100 and we can see how good the pictures can really be!

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