Alrighty, so you probably all have heard of the Google and their latest foray into social networking sites, Google+. It’s a free social networking site that has been receiving good reviews so far. Hat’s off to them for never giving up. Is it worth it to make the switch from Facebook to G+ yet? who knows?
Well, here’s what I think:
Google+ is better in one area so far, with photos. If you’re like me, you’re a shutterbug. I chose my phone primarily because it has a decent camera. I tend to take 5 times as many pictures on my phone that anyone else will take.
On Google Plus, I like the display as you can smoothly scroll through the images. Furthermore, on the mobile app version the load time is faster (at least for now). Who knows how long that will last after millions of people are adding themselves to G+. Some complaints I share with a few others are that there aren’t a lot people on Google+ yet and that it isn’t too much different from Facebook. I still want to know what else sets it apart and what else is done differently. Will they have games like in Facebook?

More updates to follow. Still have yet to try the Video Chat hangout.  Let me know what you think of G+!

7-11-11. Update: so I’ve played around a little bit with Google +. Although the initial hype is dying, the hype was substantiated. It’s a good product. It’s intuitive and easy to use. Not only is it user-friendly, but it’s less stressful on the eyes. There’s no flashing lights for ads. Furthermore, and most importantly, the grouping and sharing with friends is easy to understand and use. I enjoy dragging and dropping friends (figuratively) into little circles. The huddle is an interesting way to describe and execute a group chat. So, for all intensive purposes, it’s a thumbs up. Still waiting to see what else is going to come from this. Stay tuned!


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