Don’t Forget Your Best Friend on the 4th of July

With All the Fun You’re Having, Don’t Forget Your Best Friend on Fourth of July

He’s there.  You’re thinking that he’ll always will be there.  You’re enjoying the fireworks in Orange County and don’t want to be bothered. Well, little do you know the your best friend, Fido, is terrified of fireworks.  Actually, he hates fireworks.  He wishes the Chinese never invented fireworks!  If he weren’t enjoying the freedom of living in America, Fido would want to take the 4th of July holiday off of the calendar because it is his least favorite day of the year.

patriotic puppy

Patriotic Puppy

Interesting statistic, more dogs run away or go astray on the Independence Day holiday than any other day of the year.  Shelters get flooded with runaways every year.  Why? Loud noises in the night scare the living [everything] out of your little dog.  Fido may not seem visibly upset but he is.  Trust me.

Do your best friend a favor.  Don’t take your pets to go see fireworks.  That’s just selfish of you.  Take him inside and keep him safe. Does your dog have tags in case it does get lost?  You love your dog. Do Fido a favor and do the right thing.  Don’t forget your best friend on the Fourth.


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