Free Slurpee!

Free Slurpee on 7-11-11 at 7-Eleven Convenience Stores.  For very easy to understand reasons, the 7-Eleven stores are giving away your favorite summer drink. Come on over to your nearest Fountain Valley neighborhood 7-Eleven store and enjoy your frozen elixir of happiness!

7/11/11 Update: hopefully you all got to your friendly neighborhood 7 Eleven early in the day. If you waited patiently til after work like me, then you got zero slurpees! At the end of the day you get nothing for nothing, right? Well not totally true. The nice lady at the Fountain Valley 7 Eleven at Warner and Euclid offered a snack bag of Flamin’ Hot Crunchy Cheetos instead! (My favorite chips! ) That’s good customer service!…

And later that day, I went to the 7 Eleven at Ward and Slater.  They still had a ton of Slurpees!  I had to double down on 2 Slurpees!  I got an Alienade Slurpee that was promoting the Aliens and Cowboys movie as well as an Arctic Berry Blast-ish sort of Slurpee.  I was so happy!

Now if you know of any other freebies out there, then.let me know! I’ll spread the word!

There are Fountain Valley locations at Ward and Slater, at Warner and Euclid, and at Ellis and Brookhurst.


Frozen Goodness from 7-Eleven! Oh thank heaven!

Free Cheetos

The Best Chips are Hot Cheetos. The Best Hot Cheetos are FREE!


Frozon Slurpee Arctic Berry Blast of winter during the summer!


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