Family Time on Fourth of July Weekend!

Family Time on Fourth of July Weekend!

Fourth of July Weekend. Family time in Fountain Valley, CA. It’s that time, ladies and gents. A festive holiday is upon us and family members gather to party it up.  Now I was pondering just what makes a holiday a real holiday? Some people say it’s to commemorate a big event (Independence from Imperialistic Britain is a good reason). My gf emphatically asserted that a holiday simply meant time off from work.  (That’s also a very good working definition of a holiday.)  I say that a holiday really isn’t a holiday unless you spend it having fun and relaxing with the loved ones. 

Celebrate up a storm this Independence Day!  We are a free nation!  If you are scheduled to work, shame on your company! Take the day off or call in sick! And spend a little time with friends and family.  Spend time showing Junior how to throw a football.  Spend time reading with Daddy’s little girl.  If you need to get out of the house to celebrate, then there are a myriad of things to do all over Orange County.  Take a beach cruiser down Pacific Coast Highway. In Fountain Valley you can barbecue at Mile Square Park.  Take your family out for Cosmic Bowling at Fountain Bowl on Friday.  If you just so happen to be in Irvine and in the mood to save a little cash, then have I got a deal for you!  Get shoe rentals, a drink, and a lane for $5! 

Then since you’re in Irvine, you can go see a show and maybe some fireworks.  Irvine calls their Fourth of July show a “patriotic” tribute to Elvis if you want to shell out the dough. Huntington Beach always has a good parade and fireworks show that you can watch for free. Disney will also celebrate America with a 4th of July Concert in the Sky at 9:30. 


Fireworks will light up the sky over Orange County!

Now on a serious note…However you celebrate, please do so responsibly!  Some people really party hard and have a few too many brewskis.  Please know that there are probably going to be other families trying to just have a good time and get home safely.  If you’re thinking about drinking and driving, please don’t.  I want to live a while longer.  (Also, the police will probably have sobriety checkpoints throughout Orange County like they did last year.) If you must drink, then here are some FREE or inexpensive services to get you home safely:

The Tipsy Tow Service
1-800-400-4AAA for a free tow home of up to seven miles.

Safe Ride Solutions
(208) 938-4500 Membership

or call a Taxi!  Yellow Cab Taxi 1-877-YELLOWCAB (877-935-5692) or My Taxi Service at 1-800-200-0000. Any of these options are far batter than a DUI.


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