Father’s Day Weekend

Please forgive me. Okay, we’re halfway through Father’s Day weekend and I’ve not stayed in Fountain Valley long enough to give my father a happy Him Day hug. I’m a terrible, terrible son!  (But I had lots of food & lots of fun!)
I went to Faraway Lands, if you’re wondering. I ate tons of food like hot pot and cha ca!  Yummy! Then I had my fill of Margarita & Vino! Oh dear!
Well, it’s not REALLY Father’s Day til tomorrow and I will have dinner w my pops tonight. Oh I guess it’s not so bad,  right?  Still bad? Oy vay!
Ok, Fountain Valley, here are some nice last minute things to do for Dad’s Day. 1. BBQ. Most men love a good BBQ. (& fire too if you’re cooking it yourself)   Go to Stater Bros on Euclid & Warner and get some steaks. Grill ’em up good! 2. Power tools. Guys like power & these tools help him get his to do list in check.  Sears, dude, seriously. 3. Dinner.  Similar to #1. He gets to eat, which is good. He also doesn’t have to clean up. My fave Fountain Valley spots: Stuart Anderson’s (for steak), Silky’s (for papas n beer), Carrows (for pie). 4. Golf. This can be a gamble. Not every guy likes golf or is good at golf. However, I think that we can say treat him to his favorite hobby. Mile Square Park golf course entrances are conveniently located on both sides of the park. Ward & Edinger and then Ward & Warner. 5.  Speaking of gambling, take him to Vegas! Ok this is more for you than him, but it’s Vegas! Need I say more!?  (Just kidding, but I do think my future FIL wanted to plan a quick trip to Vegas for the familia…to bad the MIL & gf weren’t looking forward to going! Sorry FIL)
At any rate, no matter who your father is and what his interests are, be sure to do one thing. Let him know you love and care for him. He’s getting old and he might’ve forgotten or he just may like hearing it. Show your pops you love him on Father’s Day, Fountain Valley!…and Stay classy! Happy Father’s Day!

Water Fountain at South Coast Winery


South Coast Lunch

Indulging at the South Coast Winery


Father's Day Brunch

My Fathers’s Day brunch was awesome.  You cannot go wrong with Pho and Coco Rico!


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