There’s Something Strange Going on in the Sky Over Fountain Valley!

There’s Something Strange Going on in the Sky Over Fountain Valley! (Coyotes in Fountain Valley)

Ok, you really can’t see the Lunar eclipse here in Fountain Valley…in fact it’s actually pretty overcast.  However, that doesn’t mean the moon isn’t there. Furthermore, it also doesn’t preclude the possibility of the whole planet being affected by this cosmic event.  Alright, think it is a stretch? Then why would coyotes start all of the sudden appearing in Fountain Valley…of all places!  I mean, where are we, in some faraway land where coyotes are normal? A more reasonable explanation is…I think they are present day werewolves…I mean Were-Coyotes. (They have a little American Blood in ’em, not like those European types).


Coyote Mascot

Look at that cute face!

No…they lost to the Redwings


Wile E Coyote

I love the Wile E Coyote cartoons!



Coyote with Sharp Teeth

This is an example of a Coyote with Sharp Teeth. Avoid at all costs!


All kidding aside, there is a coyote warning out.  Even in the most remote of chances that there is just one in the good City of Fountain Valley, then we should err on the side of safety.  Bring your kitten, Snowball, and your dog, Fluffy, inside for the foreseeable future.  Those Were-Coyotes might be hungry.  Then you’ll have to explain what happened to your precious pet Fluffy.  Your son, Junior, will be crying like a baby for days.  (Then he’ll need psychiatric counseling and blame you.) Trust me. I’ve seen an old man crying about the loss of his cat.  Lock up your dogs and cats, people!


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