Worrying about your kids this Summer?

Worrying about your kids this Summer?

The vast majority of us here in Fountain Valley are good people and good parents.  We want the best for your loved ones/for your family.  Well, school is out for the summer.  Now when you see “Junior”/”Daddy’s Little Girl” sitting on the sofa.  It’s great to have them back at home. The kids see that they are finally free of the shackles of books…HOWEVER, you see them wasting time.  You see that they could be using this time learning more to become the astronaut/professor/health care professional that you always wanted them to become.  You just don’t say it out loud.  We are too polite. We don’t want to be too overbearing as parents (and they’ve heard it plenty of times.)

So what do you do?  You have to think of something.  Ah… you get the smart idea of them enrolling in a tutoring class.  Besides, their friends are getting tutoring as well.  You wouldn’t want other kids’ friends performing better than your kids do you?  You know that the standardized tests are coming up in the moths ahead, now don’t you?

So, there are plenty of choices for tutors.  You can research as many as you want.  I can only recommend one place.  Get Smart Tutor at http://getsmarttutor.com.  These guys are very qualified and are able to motivate your kids to learn more.  Give them a call at 714.900.3455 or text GETSMARTTUTOR to 46800 to get connected.

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