A Little Magic

A Little Magic!

For all you Disney fans out there, today is a day to rejoice! A lot of you may have heard that… Not one but two attractions are opening now to the general public. 

The new Star Tours ride is in 3D and there are different destinations and characters. The ride and its story will change so you can go back several times and experience something new.  Just watch out for those storm troopers! 

Ariel has a new attraction as well, though I can’t say I’m going to go to that one. Call me a geek but all I want to see is Star Tours. Space warfare is much more exciting than swimming under the sea.

Real die hard fans have already seen the new attractions…(lucky ducks).  Makes me wish I still had my annual passes.

The Magic Kingdom is a short drive from Fountain Valley on Harbor.  I totally suggest eating before you arrive to save on food. There’s a nice little place called Apollo Burgers that has yummy barbecue!  It’s a tiny locals spot and it can get crowded so call your order in advance. Then if by some strange chance you leave the park before sunset, check out Joe’s Italian Ice Cream on Harbor. Oh that place has good gelato!

Alright, the Magic Kingdom awaits your arrival! See you there!


The Adventure Continues!

Update 6/19/2011:
I gave in. I tried to avoid buying into the commercialized hoopla which is Disneyland.  I tried to save $…my hard earned money. Alas, the sweet siren call of a Mermaid from Faraway Lands convinced me to travel to different lands altogether.
This Tuesday I shall brave the waters of Splash Mountain. I will soar like an eagle over all of California. I will jump through hyperspace in Space Mountain, Star Tours (& Buzz Lightyear’s Space Cadet ride)   I will find lost treasure in Indiana Jones. 😦 and yes I will see Ariel’s Grotto.  (Don’t judge me!)
Make no mistake! It’ll be so fun! I haven’t gone to Disneyland in years! I wonder if there still is my special place for parking and if my off-park BBQ place is still there!


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