Remembering Memorial Day

Remembering Memorial Day

This past Monday was a good Memorial Day.  The sun was shining and it was a bright, beautiful day in Fountain Valley, CA.  Everyone was in a good mood probably because we got to sleep in late!  When I really want to start the day off on the right foot I head out to church and I am glad I did.  Memorial Day usually means nothing to me beyond a day off of work.  This celebration really honored the veterans that helped secure and maintain our freedom.
During Mass the priest recalled how a US Marine saved the life of him and his dad during the Viet Nam War.  After Mass, the priest and two veterans came up to the altar and recognized members of the military that fought for our freedom including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and members of the South Vietnamese Army. As members of the congregation stood I realized that these were my neighbors, ordinary folks that risked their lives to make this day possible.  My father doesn’t understand English well and didn’t stand to be recognized.  This really put everything into perspective for me.  This struck my heart.  How ungrateful have I been?! Not only have total strangers put themselves in harm’s way for my freedom, but my own father has as well.  He took a bullet in the shoulder defending the freedom of his people and my family.  God Bless you, Dad!  I love you!  Hopefully I can show my appreciation for what you did by living my life to the fullest and using the freedom wisely.
We don’t have to wait until Memorial Day to thank the military.  On any day we can honor those who have risked their lives for us.  We especially need to honor those who have lost their lives.  It can be as simple as a “Thank You”. Say a prayer for the military.  Most importantly, use this great gift of freedom.  How many stories do we need to hear on the news of countries that are living under the yoke of oppressive conditions?  Is freedom of religion something we take for granted? How about freedom of speech? What about freedom to vote? Enjoy all of your freedoms large and small. 
I used my freedom to make a good day even better! That day progressed nicely as I took my father and mother to Huntington Beach!  We ate at a beachfront restaurant.  We ate soup in the car as we parked on Pacific Coast Highway!  Afterwards I took my dad to his favorite barber and we chatted with all the people there.  It’s laid back and my dad always gets great service there at Julie’s Barber!  If you want a decent hair cut for $5 and you’re by La Quinta High School, swing by and treat yourself to a nice clean haircut.
We then went to Mile Square Park for my parents to see the lake and feed the birds.  There were all sorts of wildlife like squirrels, geese and mallard ducks.  I think I saw a heron flying by as well.  The geese quickly became close friends with my parents as they brought a few loaves of bread.  It was a nice day at the park.  Families were spending time BBQing, riding bikes, having picnics!  It was a pleasant site to see families coming together.
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