It’s a Nice Day for a Walk

For those that know me, I have certain “go to” responses for perfunctory questions. People ask, “How are you?” And I shoot back, “Every day is a good day!”  It makes some of my clients smile. They’re in the service industry so they realize that one’s attitude can make the difference between a sale and a very disappointing day.

However, today as I left a morning service I realized something.  I’ve seen more profoundly that, yes, today not only is a good day, but it’s an awesome gift from God.  There are too many blessings in life (especially in MY life) to be moping around or sad. The sun shines every day. Today its exceptionally beautiful!



Go for a walk. Go for a jog. Enjoy the little things in life today.  In fact, you can even give back to others, the community etc from your overflow of abundance.  There is a walk/run event to raise $/awareness for the poor today at Holy Spirit Church off of Ward Street in Fountain Valley.  I saw quite a lot of people young and old giving back. It too was beautiful.

This is what I saw as I walked through their “finish line” of Concern America’s Walk Out of Poverty. Food was laid out for walkers, runners and volunteers.  People were coming together to help combat poverty. Then notice the dog refill station. What will they think of next?


So, what will you do next, Fountain Valley? Pity yourself or count your blessings. Stay inside or go out and enjoy the sun? Personally, I’d love to go to LA today for a field trip to feed the homeless.  Don’t forget the kind acts of charity. They can make a huge difference. Well I hope you enjoy life today. Be content. Be true to yourself.


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