Spring Cleaning and E-Recycling

Spring Cleaning and E-Recycling Event in Fountain Valley!

You know it’s there, or rather, in there somewhere. You just can’t find that item in the huge pile of junk in your garage.  So after sifting through the millionth box of junk you decide that it is time.  It is time for Spring Cleaning.  So, clean out kitchen, clear out that garage and clean up that closet.  You need to start fresh this spring!  There is just so much stuff that you do not know what to do with it all.  Here’s the solution. It’s time to throw all that junk away.  Move all your junk into  a pile and torch that up!  …If you’re afraid you’ll burn down your house/get a ticket for arson/cause too much pollution, then we have another solution.

Here’s the environmentally friendly way to go. Make a few piles: Paper, Plastic, Aluminum, and other non-recyclables.  You know what to do with the Paper/Plastic/Aluminum recyclables. There’s a recycling center at Stater Brothers  on Euclid and Warner.  A few big bags will get you $40-$50! Now that’s an incentive!

Then there’s the pesky problem with those old electronics.  If you’re anything like me then keyboards, monitors and computers litter your house.  I had three sets of old computers from the Stone Age.  I called around and the recycling services won’t pick up anything from a residential address.  The solution is here.  There’s a Free Electronics Recycling Event in Fountain Valley at the Fountain Valley Recreation Center on 16400 Brookhurst, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 on April 9th from 9 AM to 4 PM.  This is an event where the proceeds benefit the Fountain Valley Community Foundation.

OK. Once you’re done, you can sit back and enjoy your home!  It’ll now be a nice uncluttered place.


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