A Time for Reflection

A Time for Reflection

For many people in the city of Fountain Valley, a new season is upon us.  It is the season of Lent.  Just as Advent brings us to prepare for the true meaning of Christmas, Lent brings us to prepare ourselves for Easter.

This is the time to reflect on ourselves.  Are we living right?  This is bad to say, but should we have gone and partied so hard on Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday? What things in our lives should we give up?  What can we give up to avoid becoming worse? What additional things can we do that makes us a better person? Can we look into the mirror in 40 days, 40 Lenten days and be happy with our own reflection?

Let’s start this season on the right foot.  If you need to attend an Ash Wednesday Mass, then here is the schedule for Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Fountain Valley:


* 6:30 AM (English)
* 9:00 AM (English)
* 11:00 AM (English/Spanish)
* 12:30 PM (Vietnamese)
* 4:00 PM Children’s Mass (English)
* 6:00 PM (English)
* 7:30 PM (Vietnamese) – additional overflow Mass in Doyle Hall

17270 Ward St.,
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Main Office (714) 963-1811, Fax (714) 968-1775
email:  office@hsccfv.org


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