Mardi Gras in Fountain Valley

Mardi Gras in Fountain Valley!

Yes! Mardi Gras is my 25th favorite holiday of the year! You can totally go live it up one last time before Lent. For all that don’t know what Lent is, it’s the holy season building up to Easter. You sacrifice and deny yourself with fasting and prayer. Yes, people try to be holy.  I really have a tough time of it, so that’s why I ❤ Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, refers to fattening up before Lent. It makes it easier to go without your favorite meal when you just enjoyed it recently.  So how do we celebrate Mardi Gras?  Across the world people are partying and parading through the streets drinking, getting beads and making merry. We’re more civilized here in Fountain Valley. There’ll be no parades in Orange County, however you can have a great time on a budget!

There have been a lot of Mardi Gras themed club events in the area around Fountain Valley.  I’ve always thought clubs were too expensive and I really dislike having to pay a cover charge.  This is what we can do.  Some new friends of mine invented the “Fountain Crawl”. It’s a pub crawl in your dear ol’ hometown of Fountain Valley!

You think that there’s only one bar in Fountain Valley? Open your eyes and think again! There’s a bar in Fountain Bowl. They also serve beer and serve mixed drinks in the restaurants around Fountain Valley. Start off at Marie’s (Marie Callendar’s). Grab a mudslide and a pie. Next hit up Islands for a margarita or a mojito. You might want to eat a burger too if you’re abstaining from meat in Lent.  Then head over to Claim Jumper’s to get another mudslide. Head over to Red Claw to get a pitcher of beer and a pound of Crawfish! Who needs New Orleans when you can have decent cajun style seafood right in Fountain Valley? Take that New Orleans! Neither you nor the airlines are taking MY money on Mardi Gras!

Alrighty, at this point of the “Fountain Crawl” you’ve hit up quite a few places. No night of drinking in Fountain Valley would be complete without capping it off with…you guessed it! Silky Sullivan’s!  They’ll have the place festive late into the night.  You can always count on Silky’s for that.

Well, enjoy your Mardi Gras! Enjoy your Mardi Gras responsibly! And stay classy, Fountain Valley!


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