Black and White Party in Fountain Valley and now a $1 Party!

Yelp is awesome!  First a Black and White Party in Fountain Valley and now a $1 Party! Can’t wait for Christmas?  The fun has already started with these Yelp Events.

Black and White Yelp Fountain Valley Event

Dreamin of a Black and White Christmas Here in Fountain Valley

You may have seen the reviews.  Yelp OC is Dreaming of a Black & White Christmas Open Party was a great party.  Once again that unassuming Clark Kent of a warehouse at Access Group Media turns into a Superman of a party right here in Fountain Valley.

The next Orange County holiday party from Yelp is a $1 Party. Yes, I know.  This $1 Party sounds like it’s too good to be true, but I have it on very good authority (i.e. the yelp website) that it is the real deal!  This is right in the heart of Orange County. You have FREE admission.  You have $1 beers and fancier drinks for $3-$5.  You also have a $1 gift exchange where the bringer of the most creative gift gets rewarded! Cheap fun doesn’t have to be dirty! Let’s hear it for yelp for helping us celebrate the holidays!Now you have something else to do with all those $1 bills.


Yelp OC 1 Dollar Christmas Party

Come out for a good time!


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