Annual Fountain Valley Tree Lighting

Annual Fountain Valley Tree Lighting

As I’ve been running around Mile Square Park, I’ve started noticing all these signs and I haven’t paid much attention until recently. These signs have are varied but they have some themes…sign up for this sport or there is some running event.

This sign however made me smile…It’s the Annual Fountain Valley Tree Lighting Ceremony on Saturday! I can’t wait. Christmas is finally here!

Festivities start at 5pm. The mayor will be lighting the tree
People will be dressed in the holiday spirit. Rumor has it SANTA will be there! I hear St. Nick likes to visit Fountain Valley to check up on the best kids in the County. Expect fireworks to light up the sky above Mile Square Park. Fountain Valley’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony will also include live entertainment.

Be at the Fountain Valley Recreation Center and Sports Park at 16400 Brookhurst Street at 5pm and enjoy. Special thanks to the Fountain Valley Community Foundation for sponsoring this FREE event.

Christmas Tree + Santa + Fireworks + it’s FREE = a great time in Fountain Valley!

Update 12-24-10: well, I’m at Fountain Valley Hospital with a bit of time on my hands, so I guess I can let you know what I REALLY felt about that Tree Lighting Ceremony.

It was nice actually. It was a little chilly but nothing a little hot cocoa can’t cure. They were passing that out along with other Christmas goodies like cookies, watch brochures and antibacterial gel. Yes. Nothing screams Christmas like antibacterial gel. Actually it is a great idea. You’re gonna be shaking under with all sorts of strangers and wishing them Happy Holidays! Who knows where their hands have been!?

At the end of the night, when Santa pulled up in his garbage truck it all became magical again. I was 6 years old again full of the Christmas Spirit. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (Yes, I said garbage truck. It’s a bad economy. Santa had to say goodbye to all the reindeer. )

And the multitude of Fountain Valley youths ecstatic to see Santa light the Christmas tree. With all the kids’ eyes all aglow, I was reminded of what Christmas is all about; making another person’s life just a little bit better. Tis the season to make others happy and to make merry. Tis the season of giving.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! May God richly bless you and your family with peace and harmony!

Fountain Valley Tree Lighting

It's time for the Annual Fountain Valley Tree Lighting Ceremony!

Fountain Valley Mile Square Park

Fountain Valley Mile Square Park is where the Annual Tree Lighting will be held.


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3 Responses to Annual Fountain Valley Tree Lighting

  1. WebPixie says:

    The Christmas tree in Mile Square is sad. Really we can’t do better than that?!

  2. fvblogger says:

    If you want a canned response, “It’s the economy!”

    Honestly, it could have been better. As I looked around the celebration, most of the kids were happy. Christmas is about getting together and having a good time!

    For me, I think it was good enough. No sense in chopping down a perfect tree from somewhere else when you have a decent one that is right here. It will last for next year’s celebration too!

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