The OC is Naturally Where You Want to Be

The OC is Naturally Where You Want to Be

Don’t say Orange County is boring.  Don’t even say that Fountain Valley is boring.  How many places out there can you be totally free? (When I say free, I mean totally free…of clothes too.)

Naturist in the OC is an organization that wants to create a laid back setting that is “family friendly”. I don’t know how family-friendly it is having kids look at naked people. From what I hear, it’s a lot of fun.  Go and check it out…if you dare.  One more thing I should mention.  They say, “If you are looking to score, go elsewhere.”

So, if you’re serious about some serious nude fun, there is a lot of information on the Naturist in the OC events calendar.

The next Non-Nude event is on Dec 9th at the Round Table Pizza on Euclid and Warner.  It’ll be next to Stare Brothers, I mean Stater Bro’s.

Round Table Naturist Meeting Map


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