With all the hype about Black Friday shopping, this is FREE!

With all the hype about Black Friday shopping, this is FREE!

Today is Black Friday and all the stores in like Costco Fountain Valley, Office Depot, Fry’s and other stores have amazing deals.  All you guys shopping today are CRAZY!  It’s so crowded.  OK, I was shopping too…but only for 45 minutes.  Others waited in line at Best Buy since Thursday!  You’re crazy. That’s the final analysis.

You guys are spending too much. I know you’re helping out the economy.  The more you buy at Fountain Valley shops, the more revenue the city will get. Take a step back.  Your family doesn’t care how much money you spend on them. They just want to enjoy the holiday with you.  Here are some FREE alternatives to spending a lot of cash.

If you’re Police, Fire, a social worker, or donate to the Toys for  Tots drive December 4th through December 19th, then you can get free (or discounted) Knott’s Berry Farm admission.

Take your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbor, cute classmate to the Detroit Bar. There is no cover for Karaoke Sundays and the place has some good reviews. You know you like singing your heart out!

Go play in the snow…in FOUNTAIN VALLEY! Yes, I said Fountain Valley.  Coastline Community College is having a Free College Fair on December 3rd from 2pm to 7pm.
There will a raffle and a tote bag giveaway. Did I mention there will be real SNOW?


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