Your Ticket to Your Kid’s Free Game at Boomer’s!

Your Ticket to Your Kid’s Free Game at Boomer’s!

Print out the Boomer’s Thanksgiving sheet on the right, draw a turkey with the outline of your hand, color it and then you’re home free!  Bring it in to Boomer’s for a free game!

16800 Magnolia Street
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 841-6373

With all the hype about holiday shopping, this is FREE! Give your kids some joy this month before the holidays roll in.  You’ll be too busy from shopping and cooking.  They’ll remember that it’s cool to hang out as a family!

Go to Boomers on Magnolia and Warner in Fountain Valley with a turkey coloring sheet and your kid plays a free game!  How easy is that?!

It’s as easy as “liking” their Facebook page.  You know how to do that!  Oy vay!  Ok! Just for those of you that do NOT use the most widely known social networking site in the US…here is the page you can go to.

Boomers Turkey HandBoomer Turkey Instructions


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