Fountain Valley is Going to the Birds, Pet Adoption

Penguin Santa
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Fountain Valley is Going to the Birds, the Dogs and Cats too!

Last Christmas I gave you my heart…and since you’re taking such good care of it, I think I’ll keep you around. This year, I think I’ll give you something that will actually love you unconditionally, like a pet!  Pets are new additions to the family that offer so much.  Companionship, loyalty…walking your dog is built in exercise!  Statistically, you’ll live a lot longer.  Try pet adoption.

Fortunately for you there are at least a couple pet adoption opportunities available before Christmas.  Every Sunday at Pet Supply in Fountain Valley an organization called Stella’s Hope hold adoptions. MeoowzResQ does adoptions for our feline friends! So as not to leave out our fowl, feathered friends, there is a pet adoption organization in Orange County specifically for our more aerodynamic friends.  Parrots First is a parrot pet finder organization that helps with bird care education and adoption. I believe cat and bird adoption are by appointment.

In all seriousness, if you find it in your heart to take in an abandoned animal and can adopt.  I urge you to do so or at least really consider it.  You’ll enjoy it and you will be rescuing an animal. They’ll be really grateful!


Parrots Firstdog


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