Food, Music, Women…What else do you want?

Food, Music, Women…What else do you want? Ok, only if it were FREE? Fine, you drive a hard bargain! You get it all at the “Eat. Drink. PINK!“event.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Fountain Valley, we all have our vices. Some vices have a more powerful hold over people others. Much to the chagrin of those counseling me, I don’t think that self-control is the answer.

eat drink pink flyer

You want to eat good sweets like cupcakes, right? You know you do. You like to listen to some good tunes. Guys and girls, it is fun to be surrounded by women. It’s true! You cannot disagree. Well, the OBVIOUS thing to do is go to the upcoming “Eat. Drink. PINK!” event this Saturday, November 20th from 6-10pm.

This will be a gathering of restaurants and bakeries providing pink-themed foods. Come early because there will be two rounds of tastings. There will be two bands, Stereofix and Nylon Pink, playing for your listening enjoyment. Finally, you won’t have to go far, my fellow residents of Fountain Valley. It’ll apparently be held at Access Group Media, 11101 Condor Blvd, Fountain Valley, CA. Once again, admission is free!  Once again, THIS IS A FREE EVENT!! RSVP with your email address at for free entrance! However, if you want full tastings and want to be a judge, then you can get that for as little as $10 a person.

First and foremost this is a benefit to increase breast cancer awareness. I am always for charities and benefits. Please, don’t be a stickler to details. We all know that (National) Breast Cancer Awareness Month was October. If you didn’t then NOW you know. Give “Eat. Drink. PINK!” a break. They are providing a good service. They’re helping keep women healthy and WE are getting a cool event with cupcakes, two bands headlining the entertainment and you finally have a classier way to support breast cancer awareness. The bumper sticker saying, I “Heart” Boobies does not count, sir.

breast cancer awareness bracelet

I ❤ Boobies!


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