Thursday Throwdowns!

Thursday Throwdowns

A lot of you have been to your 10 year high school reunions and if you haven’t, well, you may want to crash someone else’s. They’re fun and you meet up with people to reminisce about the good ol’ days!

Think back to the good time like the time you rode your bike into a lake, or the time you had a band.  Wait a minute! you had a band too? Wow!  You played guitar too?  What songs do you play?

You know what? You need to meet us all at Thursday Throwdowns! (check yout their Facebook and Twitter.) Yeah!  You have to!  Come on down to the Sound Matrix Studios, 18060 Newhope Street,Fountain Valley, CA this Thursday, Nov 18th.  It’ll be 8-11pm.  It’ll be so awesome!  We can rock out and jam to REAL music! Nothing out of pocket unless you want to donate.

The jam sessions occur every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at Sound Matrix Rehearsal Studios in Fountain Valley.  Keep rockin’ the Free World, buddy!

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