Get Smart. Get a Tutor

Get Smart. Get a Tutor

Parents, you have had plenty of freedom and time off…as in away from your kids.  That time is coming to an end for various reasons.

1. Holidays are coming up so they will be home more often, eating your food and drinking your nice cold soda.

2. It’s going to be winter soon.  They’re getting cold and sick.

3. Progress reports are coming out and Junior has grades lower than freezing temperature.

4. You really don’t want to spend your weekends with them anyway. I mean teaching them calculus (which you failed…miserably. You vowed never to use math again!)

5. You don’t want your kids to work at the rock quarry like you did.  You want them to go to college!

No need blaming the wifey. Likewise, ladies, please don’t blame the hubby.  You need results not a finger pointing contest. Get Smart!

get Smart

Get Smart

Ok, I don’t mean the secret spy, stuff.  I mean get a tutor!  You don’t want to spend any more time with Junior than you have to.  Honestly, you don’t even know if he’s yours!  But alas, you already started supporting him and you know that the court will make you continue supporting him til he’s 18.  You really don’t know anything at ALL about calculus!  You don’t want to.  You don’t even want to tell Junior that he’ll never EVER use calculus again!  You’ll never see it beyond that high school calculus class and maybe one year of math in college. (sigh) You’re too good of a parent to Junior.  You’ll never tell him that.

You will however get smart and go to Furthermore, you are a cool and technologically advanced parent.  You know about Facebook and you can “like” or become friends with their Facebook Account. You are one “hip” parent!  Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Contact Get Smart
Phone: 714.900.3455
Address: 442 N. Rancho Santiago Blvd.Orange, CA 92869,

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Contact Get Smart

Phone: 714.900.3455

Address: 442 N. Rancho Santiago Blvd.Orange, CA 92869,


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