Kickball at Mile Square Park

Kickball at Mile Square Park

You remember the good ol’ days? I remember playing Kickball on the asphalt of St Anthony of Padua elementary school. We were carefree then. Of course I was almost always picked last. If I was lucky then I got picked second to last. This explains why I have such a chip on my shoulder, doesn’t it?

Anyway, for the person that wants to reminisce about simpler times, for the competitive person that loves every sport and for people like me that wants redemption…Kickball is here and it promises to be loads of fun! It’s about time to get out and get active!

Action Sports Industries (ASI) and Next Level Athletic Sports (NLA Sports) have set up a COED Kickball League. Be social and have lots of fun play year round here at Mile Square Park, in Fountain Valley.

Requirements and DEETS: “Seasons are 8 weeks long, with player fees $65 per player per season. Games are scheduled at either 7 or 8pm. Players can start their own team, join an existing team, or sign up as a free agent. Must be 18 and up.”


Get your Kicks!

For more kickball info, call the NLA or go to:  Let’s see if you got game!



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