Your search for Fountain Valley’s Great Pumpkin

Your search for Fountain Valley’s Great Pumpkin

Alright, you all remember Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang. If you don’t, you’re either too old or too young to be reading this blog!

Ok, not to discriminate, one of my favorite characters, Linus stays up at night to see the Great Pumpkin, the Santa Claus of Halloween. Well, we’re not going to wait up at night but we can buy as big of a pumpkin as we can find.

Great Pumpkin

Ah, the innocence of youth! Don't Keep Linus waiting Great Pumpkin!

So to help us in our adventure/ our cause/our quest to find our own Great Pumpkin, the folks at Fountain Valley Pumpkin Patch put on a quick and easy pumpkin shopping experience.

Fountain Valley Pumpkin Patch is the kind of place where you walk into the lot on Brookhurst Street between Garfield and Ellis, pick the nicest pumpkin you can find and then you are on your merry little way.

Fountain Valley Pumpkin Patch

10/20/2010 Alright, I didn’t go to THIS pumpkin patch but I did go to one close by to Fountain Valley. It was down the freeway in Irvine.  it was a LOT of fun!  There were tons of harvested pumpkins and still some on the vine if you wanted to pick them yourself.  One of the best things about it was the PUMPKIN cannon!  It was so cool to see somebody launch a pumpkin clear across a field past the ridge in the distance!  You can pose and take pictures by a scarecrow…yes I did too. Very Cheesy! The best part….they sell pumpkin bread! I couldn’t wait til I got home. I decided to eat some in the car.  My mom and my sister loved it too!

Pumpkins from the patch

which one to pick?

Ugly pumpkin

Look at the world's UGLIEST pumpkin!


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