Poker Night in Fountain Valley

Poker Night in Fountain Valley

Yes!  Who needs Vegas when you can have Texas Hold-Em action right here in Fountain Valley!  No fear of getting a ticket speeding up the 15! Bring your shades, your lucky rabbit’s foot and a stack of cash! It’s Poker Night in Fountain Valley!

It will be held at the Center, Founders Village of Fountain Valley on Saturday, October 2nd 2010.  The address is 17967 Bushard Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. Buy-in is $50 and RE-buys are $20 before 8 PM. Get there by 5pm because registration starts shortly after.  First hands are dealt at 6 PM.  (You can also register at We’re playing for a trip to the exotic island of Kauai! Five nights and six days! Just be prepared because I am taking all your chips!

aces poker

Pocket Aces!

And you can feel good about it too!  This event is to benefit the following charities: CHOC,
Fountain Valley High School Sports Programs, American Cancer Society – Relay for Life, Autism Speaks etc.  So I will see you all there!


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3 Responses to Poker Night in Fountain Valley

  1. cinematix says:

    Poker night!? I’m all in! See you there!

  2. John B says:

    I think gambling is bad and wrong! You should not gamble your hard earned money in this economy!

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