Attention all Ladies! I know this is something you’ll want

“Cocktails and Couture”

Sure it sounds cool, but “Couture*”?  Just so that I don’t mispronounce it: Couture, noun \kü-ˈtu̇r, -ˈtuer\ I think it’s French. (And the only French I like are french fries and…maybe one or two other things.) OK, where was I?  Correct me if I am wrong, but I think it means: Girls Night Out.

So, it’s  ladies night! Oh what a night! Out where you can dress up all cute and drink fruity drinks. These drinks will be COMPLIMENTARY drinks/wine/signature cocktails.  Yes, FREE!  FREE drinks and FREE hors d’oeuvres.  I’m guessing that means snacks. I can understand food. Can’t the French just call them appetizers?Specialty Cocktail You ladies need to get out of the house to treat yourselves to a girls night out anyway.  You work hard all week long.  You deserve it!

Aaaand…while you’re there, the fellas can play XBox 360 uninterrupted by you! or maybe even watch the Texas – Texas Tech game! Go Longhorns!

All joking aside, I think it is a fabulous idea. The real reason I bring this Fountain Valley Event up is because it is a benefit where ALL proceeds go towards Rosy Smiles to Go, a non-profit organization that gives FREE dental care to the community for underprivileged youth.

Kids smiling

And if it is for the kids everyone can spare $5 for admission.  Only $5! On top of that, it sounds like a FUN Fountain Valley Event that is so cheap to attend, you can afford to go with the change you currently have in your pocket.  September 18, 2010 from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

You can chat with your girlfriends. Then shop for girly clothes, JEWELRY (I know you ladies like that), skin care products, and so on.  I need to mention that Rosy Dental The Dental Spa is hosting the Cocktails and Couture Event. (Applause for Rosy’s).

So what are the DEETS?

OK Ladies…, this fabulous Fountain Valley Event is reserved to the first 100 guests and you will need to be 21 or over by the time of the event!  Sorry, no tickets sold at the door!  It will be located at Rosy’s.

Rosy Dental – TheDentalSpa
16575 Brookhurst St #A
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

So what about all the guys that are “secure enough” to attend? are we being discriminated against? I mean not that I want to go…uh…oops. Quickly changing gears…what about the 101st person to respond? Again, SORRY! Tough rocks, chica!

Fun and Fashion with other Females. Free Drinks. Free snacks. Your boyfriends are happy to stay home and watch Football.  What much more can you ask for?

*Once again for all of us normal people, couture needs to be defined.  the Free Online Dictionary defines couture as “The business of designing making and selling highly fashionable, usually custom-made clothing for women.”


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