This Just in! Huge Chocolate Event in Fountain Valley!

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Oh Yum!!! Chocolate

This fits into the “Fun” category as well as the “You Better Get Out of my Way if You Know What’s Good For You” category!

A Huge Chocolate Event in Fountain Valley is coming!

Chocolate fountain

Fountain Valley is a lot of things. You’ll say that this Central OC town is without taste! And how timely! Just as Summer is ending, we don’t have to worry about going to the ocean to show off our beach bodies! We can eat as much chocolate as we want.

eating chocolate

As my younger compatriots say, “Tell me the DEETS*!”

Well here are the DEETS. This year’s Fountain Valley Chocolate Festival is going to be held at the Fountain Valley Recreation Center on Friday, November 5th 5PM-9 PM and November 6th 9AM-9PM at 16400 Brookhurst Street. There will be CHOCOLATE tastings, WINE tastings, CHOCOLATE treats and Holiday gifts!


Tickets are just $30…please call this number to reserve tickets: (714) 847- 7714

*For the benefit of us in the older generation, DEETS = details


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