Taste of the Holy Spirit Annual Fall Festival 2014

This year’s Taste of the Holy Spirit Annual Fall Festival 2014 is underway. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time and it seems to have been worth it. There’s great food, friendly people, and cool entertainment. Kick back in the shade, relax, and sip on some “nước mía” (sugar cane drink) as you listen to cover bands play the Beatles. Enjoy!

Concerts in the Park

During the summer, you can find amazing events and things to do all over Southern California.
*In* July, Fountain Valley has fun family events like Concerts in the Park on Thursday nights. Its a free concert, so don’t worry. There’ll be food trucks that serve bacon wrapped dogs. There’s a farmers market where you can find sweet bundt cakes. This last week there was an Eagles tribute band that the crowd loved! Come out tonight to the last concert of the summer! I’ll be there too!

Free Slurpee Day

It’s 7/11/2014 and you know what that means. It’s Free Slurpee Day! So you’ll be able to get a purple 7 – Eleven Slurpee across the red, white, and blue USA.

Head to the 7 – Eleven at the following locations in Fountain Valley, CA:
1. Ward and Slater
2. Euclid and Warner

Download an app and get more discounts and freebies throughout the week.


As Summerfest Closes

Another Summerfest in Fountain Valley comes to a close this evening. The weather was great and so was the festival!

Everyone in the crowds of people were friendly and the doggies were too. The dog jumping competition was interesting and the band played awesome classic rock songs like "Don’t Stop Believing! ".

The rides, unfortunately, were too scary to get on. Oh, the food looked and smelled amazing too!

I hope you all had a good time and I’ll see you out there next year!

Summer is here again!

Summer is here again in Fountain Valley and that means one thing. Well, it means many things, but the important thing here is that Summerfest is back.

Come out to Mile Square Park at the Fountain Valley Sports Complex at Brookhurst & Heil to enjoy our annual Summerfest. There are rides, games, and food! Bring the family and have a blast!


Fountain Valley Summerfest

Taco Tuesday at Rosy Dental

Since moving back to the OC a few months ago I haven’t been blogging much. Sorry! Well, this is a great time to restart.

Taco Tuesday at Rosy’s is a nice event with street tacos, a bounce house, a petting zoo, and basketball hoops (provided by PhilGood Insurance). It’s a nice event to take the whole family to.

Thank you, Rosy Dental.

Rosy Dental is a dental spa that provides great customer service. Dr. Rosy has been involved in the community for a long time. Rosy’s Dental hosts business mixers and other community events for Fountain Valley residents to enjoy.

Free Cone Day!

Summer is coming and the temperature is rising. Cool off with your free cone from your local Orange County Haagen Dazs.


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